Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Trying Out a New Blog

We have had a few problems with Sailblogs and have noticed more than a few of our friends have moved over here to blogspot. I thought I would give it a go to.

One of the things I really liked about sailblogs was that the whole community of sailors thing but with their last "upgrade" on their site they made it almost impossible to search through the blogs and find new ones to read. I guess I have no real reason not to try out a new site.

So... what's happening on board Wandering Dolphin in Grenada? Yesterday we all went swimming at the Marina. We were talking about how Rebecca's sister, Amy, will not even recognise the kids when they are swimming now. The last time she saw them was two years ago in Charleston. Our kids are Prairie kids, the nearest water on the farm was the river, 30 miles away. To go swimming at a pool meant a 57 mile drive to Ft Benton... you can imagine that swimming was never a skill they honed to perfection. When we moved onto the boat 4 years ago the only one who could swim was Jimmy and he could only swim to save his life, two years later, Amy will see 5 kids more at home in the water than they are on land. They swim around the boat in 20 feet of water and play for hours with no need for life jackets. They dive to the bottom and swim under and around the boat. The pool is fun for them but also work... You might think the main reason they swim so well is that they do it around the boat and on the beach so much. I can assure you that this is NOT the case! They are world class swimmers now because we spent a LOT of time (most of it in pools) along the way practicing. I taught them how to swim correctly, to breathe and use proper form and then I hammered it in over literally hundreds of laps in pools. Our deal at any pool we go to is that they have to swim laps before they can play. The little boys do 10 to 15 laps (depending on the size of the pool) and EmilyAnne and Jimmy do 20 to 25. They no longer even question it... they just jump in and swim their laps.

Yesterday we also had a HUGE Gameboy DS tournament, playing Metroid Prime Hunter. We have 3 gameboy DS and they all link wireless so we can play together... hahha the kids all kill Mom and Dad in no time flat but we all laugh and play together. I have heard a lot of people bemoan the video games but on a small boat the Gameboys and Wii game system is family fun in small space... although swinging the Wii remotes can get a bit dangerous at times.

Have a Great Day
Captain Tofer

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