Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Where Should We Go Next?

One of the GREAT things about our lifestyle is that we get to choose every year where we want to go next.  For those of you who do not know we are actually trying (though not very hard) to sail around the world.  We have no dates or plans beyond that thought and simply REFUSE to put ourselves on a timetable.  That being said, the weather determines a lot of things for us because of those blasted hurricanes.  So every summer we really try to find a way to get out, or nearly out, of the ZONE.  Also when planning a serious ocean leg like any of the South Pacific one simply is a fool to travel those long distances in the hurricane seasons.  With those thoughts as background for you, here are our thoughts for this year.

We feel the need to really get moving through the canal and into the Pacific and at the same time we REALLY need to get out to Wyoming and Washington to visit our families.  It has been four years since we moved on the boat and in that time we have only seen Amy and Ellie, and Cheryl, Becky's sister, niece and Mom who have visited us both in Charleston and last summer Amy and Ellie stayed on the boat with us down in Trinidad.  When I first dreamed of moving onto the boat I really thought family and friends would use it as an excuse to come see some of the beautiful places we visit but this has not been the case so one way or another we intend to get out to see them.  Travel for the seven of us by air is pretty much out of the question so we are considering one of two options.

Option #1:  We will sail the boat in May to the east coast of the US and do a little summer cruising up to washington DC, New York City, and perhaps Long Island Sound.  Then we will head back south to our favorite little town, Oriental, North Carolina, where we will put the boat on the hard for a couple of months at Sailcraft and we will lease a car and drive out to visit our families for the rest of the summer.  In September or October we would head back to Oriental where we would do our boat work and then we would head south toward the Windward Passage, Jamaica, and on to Caragena, Columbia, and the Panama Canal.  We would then sail to Hawaii in April-May.

Option #2:  We would stay here through the summer working and braving the hurricanes and leave for a direct sail from St Thomas to Cartagena next November.  We would spend Nov. - March in Cartagena and  cruising the San Blas, transiting the canal in march and heading offshore on a straight 4800 mile sail directly to Bellingham, Washington.

The other factor is that Jimmy has decided (you have NO idea the importance of that little statement) to enter the US Coast Guard so he will need an accredited High School Deploma.  He will be moving to Wyoming for his final year of High School to live his Grandparents and finish school.  When Jimmy leaves us it will be really rough.  Not only will he be our first kid out of the nest but he has become such an integral member of the crew and a delivery crew for me that his loss will hurt us more than just in the heart.  But we are very happy and excited for him to make the choices he is and support him 100%.

So... yep we have the pleasure of decideing where we want to go next... but... the choice is not that easy.

Thanks for the comments!!! It is greta to know you all are keeping tabs on us.  Let me know what you think of our options.

God Bless,
Captain Tofer


  1. Ahoy WD! I'm an option #1 guy. You know how I feel about the yellow blobs of dome. I think a little immersion in the Oriental community and a visit to see the family will do you wonders. You'll be reinvigorated to head to Cartagena.

    Hawaii, however could be an issue. Of course I haven't been in a long-time, but I recall almost zero anchorages close to anything. But, the Hawaiian Islands are wonderful. The harbor situation is very chaotic due to state government ineptness. Been that way for years.

    And Congrats to Jimmy! He may need to get a haircut though!


  2. Burtons, I like either option. It is no secret how I feel. Get back here...anyway you can for any amount of time. I miss you all. RED vines await you Tofer.
    As for Jimmy...he could do highschool with Ellie you know. :) Just throwing this into the mix of ideas. Tofer something for you to mull over and deny. lol
    Jim, I am so proud of you; this is an awesome goal and you will be great! Love you Auntie Amy

  3. Christian thanks for the imput.. you know we hate those blobs of doom too!
    Amy I would have no problem if at any point any of my kids wanted to stay with you.. you are an awesome Mom and could only positivly influence my kids... thanks for the option too. Part of the reason Jim wants to go to Sheridan though is that my folks are really needing some help and he could really help them out at their age.

  4. Tofer, thanks for the kind words! Jimmy would be more that welcome here, we would love to have him and would be very excited if he wanted to stay with us. We are getting the basement room in shape just in case... :) I do understand I am not the only option and he would be a great addition to any family for a variety of reasons including your parents. By the time Em might want to come Ellie won't be in highschool. It would be fun for Ellie and Jim to attend together. Keep us in mind if anything changes we all are all for it! Anyone else want to stay with us instead of Jim?? :)

  5. Hello Wandering Dolphin
    Decisions decisions it can be dificult to chart a course when there are an infinite number of options.
    Glad to hear all is well with everyone, congratulations Jimmy, it will be comforting to know that you will be looking out for all us cruisers. We are in Cartegena and will head for the San Blas in March.
    All the best
    High Five V

  6. Options Options options.... cruising always offer so many options!
    However our vote for you is to come out west young man!! This of course is a selfish idea as we want you all to stay with us for awhile! But if you sail up here than we get to see you as well.
    Why would you sail to Hawaii and not to the Galapagos and Marqueses after the Canal? We have heard there are not many anchorages in Hawaii and marinas are quite expensive but it is beautiful! Where would you go after Hawaii?
    I know we are not family but any of your children are welcome to stay with us if they need a break from boat life. We would love to have them. We miss you guys!
    Congratulations to Jimmy on his decision. He must be excited and a bit nervous starting school again after so long home schooling. Michaela will be going to school next year as well. She is very excited but not looking forward to the early mornings.
    Isn't it amazing how quickly they all grow up. Jimmy will be a senior next year, wow!
    Stay safe, head north!! Actually either way hopefully we will see you guys!
    Loves and hugs to everyone,
    Rennie <><

  7. if you go to North Carolia, i would be happy to come see you, but you guys do need to het back here regardless.