Sunday, March 28, 2010

Another Big Job Ticked off the LIST!

(The New Stove)
A New Stove!  As I mentioned on the last post, one of the jobs we had was to replace our Force 10 Galley Stove.  The old one was rusted out inside the oven and none of the burners on top were reliable.  Not really too bad if you consider that the stove was first installed in 1989. 

(The Old Stove)
The problem with replacing anything on a boat is the expense.  This little propane stove is TINY compared to a home range and where you can get a VERY nice range for your house around $700.00 they wanted $2070.00 here in the islands for the little marine stove.  Fortunatly Becky met a great guy named Captain Jim who was staying at the marina and ate a lot of meals at Tickles.  He had West Marine, Port Supply and helped us get our new stove for only $1350.00 with shipping and it arrived in only 2 days from the mainland!

(Happy Tofer)
OUCH!  $1350.00 is a LOT of money for what is basically the same little oven and stove you find in RVs.  The real difference is in the quality.  These are very well built and built out of stainless steel rather than tin like the ones you find in a camper trailer.  But still the real reason they cost so much.... they are made for a boat.

(Happy Beck)
It only took a few hours to pull the old one out and put in some blocks for the Gimbals, this stove, although made by the same company was the closest fit to what the old one was and it was narrower but deeper.  Figure that one out... this company HAS to know that their stoves will be bought to replace their old ones so why mess with the sizes?  At least make a few with the same dimensions as your old ones!  Anyway both Beck and I were very happy to be able to cook and BAKE once again! 

Gotta go make supper!
Captain Tofer


  1. It's good to know people! Way to bat those baby blues Beck. Love you.