Sunday, March 7, 2010

What we do when it's too "cold" to go to the beach.

(the REAL temp -bottom guage- when thes pics were taken)
80 degrees inside 73 outside

So when you live in a small space what do you do when you wake up on the weekend to rain and "cold" weather?  (ok cold in our case means any temp. in the 70s or below.) 

The rain started yesterday and the wind began to shift from it's normal E or SE direction all the way around to W which usually means a Norther is blowing in.  Honeymoon bay, while very protected from the East, is not protected at all from the West so when that happens most of the boats move out but we generally stay knowing it will only last a few hours at most.  The waves build up and our comfortable little anchorage becomes a rolly bumpy place to live for a while.  Then when the wind shifts to the North the temperature drops.  Our bodies are used to a constant temperature in the high 80s and when it drops into the 70s, believe it or not kids start pulling out their polar fleece like its winter time.  The water is warm but the wind chill in the low 70s makes swimming too cold for sun ripened kids to find fun.  Charlie the dog looks for a little hole under the table to snuggle into with a couple of the kids stuffed animals.

Today the kids woke up to the same weather and all of the little guys decided to tough it out at the beach with Jimmy.  EmilyAnne decided to invite her friends over to play board games.  So here Dad is trying to write and read on a boat with 3 13 year old girls doing their silly giggley dancing to loud Avril Lavigne music while they play "Quelf"  which also makes them act like crazy people just to win the game.  (EmilyAnne has to wear a snorkle until the end of the game... for example)

What a hoot!  Think I might abandon ship for a while though, maybe I will brave the weather and go for a swim.

Captain Tofer

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