Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Life raft is here so we are OFF!

Jimmy, Richard and I are setting sail for Key West this morning.  Keep an eye on the SPOT to see where we are.

If you would like to pop us off a free instant message to our Iridium phone follow this link:

http://messaging.iridium.com/ you leave the number 8816 that is already in the number slot and add our number to it 32521786 then just type in your message.  Don't bother putting your email in the email line as it just uses up the number of letters you can type. (160 total per message)  But you can send as many as you like and they are free.  When the beep goes off from the phone we all jump to see what it says...

I will.... once again try to blog... hopefully with my Ocens mail I can do it this time.

Captain Tofer, Jimmy and Richard onboard Simpatico

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