Sunday, July 18, 2010

Waiting for the Weather

Well we didn't leave on Saturday as planned, again, weather.... there is still one more Tropical Wave out there that should pass over us Monday and Tuesday.  We are hoping to sail on Wednesday or Thursday.  right now that looks like a good window.

We spent last week in the marina, our first time since last year with Amy and Ellie in Trinidad.  The kids thought it was pretty fun to jump off the boat and run over to say, "Hi" to their Mom since Tickles restraunt is right there at the marina.  The last few days the novelty had worn off and they were ready to be back on the hook where they could jump off the boat and swim.

This morning we filled up our fuel tank.  You may think that this would not really be a notworthy occasion but it is in fact.  We only fill our 120 gallon fuel tank once a year and only need part of it even then.  Sailing... that's the thing, when we leave this week we will use the engine to pull out of the anchorage and then turn it off only to start it up again when we need to get into another harbor.

The past couple of days we have provisioned for the summer.  Not that there is no food in Trinidad but we rented a car and with "Cost-U-Less" and all here it is a lot easier for me than dragging the kids on a little Maxi Taxi in Trinidad for a grocery run.

I will post again right before we leave and of course you will know we are moving by the SPOT.

Captain Tofer

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