Sunday, December 5, 2010

Enjoy, a little look into our daily lives

Hello all, I was lucky enough to get a underwater camera this year for my birthday.  So, I am snap happy and have pictures of lots of things.  Enjoy and little look into our daily life.  Blessing, Rebecca

Thanksgiving day, Dad did all the cooking!

Yes, we even get cold when it drops to the low 70's.... I know you feel sorry for us.

Em is my new model .... how much fun is that?

Tofer on the move, this was just a afternoon swim off the boat before I went to work.

What a fun picture!  Em is so much fun.

OH, my who is that.... we look so great...... Em begged me not to post this one....

Just bits of our life...
Blessing to you and Yours,
Beck and The Crew

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  1. Hey Love love the underwater camera! Keep snapping and posting snapping and posting!


    Miss all hands...everyone is growing...weird huh?