Thursday, January 27, 2011

Sweetest Thing Day 10

On, big breakfast, sailing, dolphins, sunshine and St Thomas on the chart plotter.

Dylan and I made a BIG BREAKFAST today. He made a huge stack of pancakes while I fried a half dozen eggs over easy and fried some SPAM! MMMMMMM Dylan was pretty grossed out by the fried spam but John and I were munching on it right out of the can... so for those of you who are Monty Python fans, we had “spam, eggs, spam, pancakes, eggs, spam and spam” for breakfast. Dylan and I had to both stand at the little stove to cook. I kept bugging him saying he was in my “personal space” to back off... I have almost got him to the point now where he will tell me to move when I bug him like that but not quite. He is still far to nice. hehehe

Yes! We are sailing without the motor belching diesel fumes and noise. Yesterday afternoon all our wind went away and the seas were pretty calm for the first time so Dylan and I poured in the cans of spare fuel (and didn’t spill any) and we went forward and fixed the roller furling for the jib (and didn’t loose any tools overboard). Things are looking up!

We are close hauled but we were faithful to get all the east we could when we could so now we have a great tack right to St Thomas. with these winds it is a little easier to make the western end of the island rather than the red hook one so we will be going into Crown Bay for fuel and to clean the boat. Then we will run her around to Red Hook and put her on her mooring.

John seems to be enjoying the warm sunshine and trade winds. We can’t hardly get him out of the cockpit. He also gains us on boat speed when he’s out there “racing” the boat. He tweaks the sails, heads up, falls off, tweaks some more and is having fun. Earlier today a large pod of dolphins came by to say “Hi” they swam about the boat, jumping over the bow wave, and flopping onto their sides as if welcoming us back to the Caribbean.

When we look at the chart plotter right now it finally shows our final destination right on the page. That’s always a fun thing to see.

This will probably be the last offshore blog of this journey. I will post another when we are in port.

Thanks for coming along with us on this crazy ride. Knowing you were reading along and sending us messages sure helps. We all hope you enjoyed it even though it was kinda like watching people on a reality show eat nasty bugs at times.

Can Almost Smell Home,

Captain Tofer, John and Dylan onboard the “Sweetest Thing”

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