Thursday, January 20, 2011

“Sweetest Thing” Day 3

33 28. 863 N

72 59. 697 W

View out the window right now: Sunshine on the gentle shining swells... blue blue water... blue sky... no wind to speak of so we are motoring with one engine to conserve fuel. XM weather shows a cold front pushing off the coast tonight so we will not have sunshine and no wind for long. We expect higher winds and waves tonight and through tomorrow but we are still waiting on a more specific weather forecast from our weather guy today.

John and Dylan have both been feeling a little woozy so hopefully the calmer day today with some rest will make them feel a little better.

It is breathtakingly beautiful on this little patch of ocean right now. Dylan is watching a movie on my iPod, John is sunbathing in the cockpit up at the helm, and I reading a book on my Kindle and writing. We still have XM for weather so we also can listen to the music, Faith Hill is belting out some pretty song. The boat is gently rising and falling with the swell and you can hear the water rush between the hulls even though we are only making about 6 knots right now.

I just downloaded the weather and starting tonight the wind will increase and tomorrow and Saturday and part of the day Sunday we will be dealing with too much wind, high seas and crazy waves. This moment of calm seas will be forgotten and we will be holding on to any grabhold as we do simple tasks. The soft sound of water along the hulls will be replaced with slamming waves hitting between the two hulls. I know these things but right now it seems far off. We have been preparing for it though. We did a reefing drill. We put each of the three reefs in and pulled them all the way out then did the next. Now when we have to do it in the dark everyone knows their specific task and all of the lines are piled and ready to run smoothly without turning into birds nests at the moment we need them most. We packed away some other stuff that was just sitting around. The boat should be ready for the weather and the crew is a good crew so we will be fine. Don’t panic if you don’t get a blog on Friday or Saturday... we will be fine but writing and connecting to the Iridium phone to send out the email is often more of a task than I want to deal with when I am running a boat through a storm. If you are worried for us just check the SPOT, we update it every 6 hours so you can follow us and know we are OK.

Hope where ever you are right now is as beautiful a spot on the planet as this one.

Captain Tofer, John, and Dylan on board the “Sweetest Thing

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