Monday, July 4, 2011

Norman's Cay, Wardrick Wells, Allen's Cay

After we spent the night at Allen's Cay we sailed to Norman's Cay and anchored in the cut just off of a little island with one lone palm tree on it. Wade, Pat, Steve and Debbie all paddled the kayaks over to the little island and at a sack lunch. After lunch they went snorkeling in the shallow water on the far side of the island.

That night we took the dingy ashore and walked across the island to the little restaurant called MacDuff's where we had a great dinner and even some ICE CREAM for dessert.

The next morning we woke up and got an early start and sailed all the way to Wardrick Wells, which is the headquarters for the Exumas Land and Sea Park. The sailing was great and although we were close hauled we had a great time tacking the boat back and forth until we were close enough to motor through the cut. While we were at Wardrick Wells a couple of four foot Nurse Sharks hung out just under the boat eating all of our scraps. You could pet them as they swam by. I even hung on to a rope in the swift current behind the boat and the shark just swam with me.

Everyone loved the park so much that we decided to hang out there for another day. The next day everyone went on Kayaking and snorkeling expeditions and Dylan had some long talks with the Park Rangers.

Yesterday we woke up early and sailed downwind from Wardrick Wells back to Allen's. With the wind blowing right behind us at around 18 knots we pulled up the Screecher and Jib wing-on-wing just like we flew it for most of the trip from St Thomas. Wade was happy as a clam seeing the boat do this. It is such a beautiful care free point of sail that he told me he should pay me a discounted rate for the delivery.. hmmm well I would go for that but would have to charge three times more then for last January's delivery (read about it in the archives if you are interested.) Last night everyone went snorkeling and they trapped a big schoolmaster fish while Dylan swam down with the spear and got him. Then I cooked it up in some olive oil, garlic and salt and pepper. mmmmmmmm It was a group effort and everyone was happy.

We needed to be in Nassau by noon today so we got up early and with no wind at all we were forced to motor back to the city.

This has been a great week and reminded me of a lot of fun and happy times I have had on my own boat with my family. If you own a boat bring it to the Bahamas and if you are a guy who wants to get your lady into cruising... start here!

Stand By For The Next Leg of The Delivery - Tofer, Dylan, and Dick Nassau to Annapolis - Departs Nassau July 7th.

Captain Tofer, Wade, Pat, Steve, Debbie and Dylan

S/V Sweetest Thing

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  1. Sounds like you all had a great time. Thanks for the reminder, bro.