Wednesday, July 27, 2011

We're On Our Way!

We are heading south!  Right now we are passing by St Croix.  I still have cell service so I can pop off a quick blog.

Our plan is to head to Trinidad, haul the boat, work... then sail back up to Grenada for the rest of the hurricane season.

We will be using spot about every 6 hours if you are interested in where we are.  Our weather window is still good as far as the wind goes but a Tropical Wave is passing over us today and tomorrow so it is squally... lots of gusts and rain as they pass.

I sail a lot of boats and I have to say... I LOVE to sail Wandering Dolphin!  Today we raised the sails just after Porpoise Rocks, shut down the engine and have been sailing on a close reach to St Croix all day with double reefed main, stays'l, and a reefed in jib at an average of 7 knots.  In an hour or so we have to change course to a close hauled course so that will drop a bit but I think WD will be able to sail close enough to make Grenada on one tack even with these winds.

Unfortunately I cannot blog on the way since Rebecca is with us. (No one to post the blogs for us!)  If you would like to send us messages on the Iridium just read a couple posts back how to do it.  It is free for you and for us and we love to get them, especially the kids!  Sorry we cannot answer you but we really do like to hear from you.

God Bless!
Captain Tofer and the Family!

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