Sunday, July 8, 2012

Sailing To Trinidad

Wandering Dolphin is ready to sail south! Her intrepid crew of sailors for this passage includes the notorious and often ignored Captain Tofer and his beautiful if sometimes green (offshore at least)mate ( in ALL meanings of the word)Rebecca. The Crew is lead by the young and beautiful offshore veteran and whip cracker EmilyAnne. She will be continuing the training of her padawan learners, Kanyon (who will be on the watch schedule for the first time this year)Kaleb (who will be killing monsters and finding Pokemans for the majority of the trip)and Benny who is our very best fisherman and night watch assistant. The boat is loaded to the gunnels with junk food and the lee cloths are set. We've taken our Sturgeron for sea sickness and SPOT is up and running. If you would like to follow our progress offshore just click on the little link that says SPOT on the side of the blog.(doesn't work with the mobile blogspot app) Looks like the wind will be light for a few days and on Wandering Dolphin we sail even when the wind is light, so our progress will be slow. The great thing with light winds though, is calmer seas. There will be some suntanning and fishing happening for a few days for sure. To answer the most asked question.... No we didn't buy a new boat. We wanted to but in the end things just didn't work out and we really didn't want a loan again so we are back to continuing our refit on WD this year in Trinidad. Sweetest Thing will be right next to us in the boatyard so we will be wearing two hats and working on two boats. We still hope to get in the water in August so we can enjoy some family time and relax for a couple of months before bringing both boats back up to St Thomas for the charter season next October. We will try to keep up some blog posts over the summer so you can see the transformation of WD from a worn and tired cruising boat Into a pretty sailboat once again. And They're OFF! Captain Tofer

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