Tuesday, March 25, 2014

A Becky Blog: "The Laundry Nazi"

The Sign
It never fails where ever you find a laundromat, on an island, in a city, or even a small town.  You will find one person that will tell you the rules or correct you on proper laundry etiquette .  Shelter Bay Marina is no different.  The boys and I arrived with four huge bags and two arm fully of things to be washed.  This is a task that will take me all day for sure.  After arriving at the door of the mat, I noticed the sign.

ONE washer ONE dryer per person... OH MY!!!  This just turned into a three day process.  But to my surprise the sweet gal (Navil) here said I could use three machines because I was the only one here!!!  Happy dance for sure.

Then it happened, as I was loading up my machines the laundry Nazi walked in.  She quickly did her stern walk about and asked Navil why I wasn't following the rules.  Not talking to me of course.  I continued to load.  Everyone who knows me knows I am the first to cave-in... I don't even like waiting in line at the grocery store because it might offend the people behind me.  Normally I would have quickly given up my third machine.  But not today, if perhaps she would have been kind or even spoken to me, I would have let her have a machine.  Instead I loaded them up with a smile.  The attendant explained to her I was the only one here and she will have an open machine for her shortly.  She even offered to start it for her.  


So, then came my lecture of laundry etiquette .  

"The sign, clearly states that it is one machine per person so others can do their laundry."  She said with a "teacher finger" pointing at me.  

I just smiled and replied....
"I am doing laundry for six people, I will be here all day as it is."

Maybe I should have said,
"I will get my entire family up here so I can use six machines instead of three! "

Oh! I should have said that!!!   I will save that for the next laundry Nazi!

So, she stood around talking to Navil about me, making me fully aware that she was disappointed in me.  She looked like a angry mother hen, marching around this small laundromat.  She marched around checking every machine so she didn't have to wait one second more.  She was in such a hurry on such a  beautiful day in Panama.

So the story continues... The Nazi comes back again and tells Navil that she shouldn't have let me use so many machines and that she will now complain to management.   When she stomped off,  Navil  was frustrated and we joked about me bringing up the other five people, so that I could have all six machines.  We laughed and as machines opened up Navil told me to use them up.  Super! I have an in with the Laundry Gal Navil.  Don't mistake her for the Laundry Nazi!

Lesson learned, be sweet to others around you.   Let the other person look like an ass.

This is the first laundromat I have used that has this policy.  I understand it.  I get it, however, if no one is here to use the open machines and one person has ten loads let them get started.  Relax people, unwind, look at my pile of clothes and be thankful that you have just one load today because the next time you might be the one with ten!

I remember years ago with my friend Rennie on "Salt and Light" when we would make a pitcher of Rum Punch and hit the laundromat after dinner and do a late night laundry/cocktail hour.  That is the way laundry should be done with a great friend, laughter and cold drinks.

Cheers all,

I even was able to use all four driers as once!  Oh My!  Breaking the rules when I can.  


  1. Every laundry session should be done with a good friend and Bahama Mamas in the Bahamas!! Boy do I miss that. Maybe when you get back to Washington we can turn on heat lamps, make Bahama Mamas, do laundry and pretend!

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