Thursday, March 20, 2014

March 20 Position Report

3/20/14 Wandering Dolphin POS

13 31.890 N   074 39.880 W
SOG 6.8-7kt
COG 270T

Wind: NE 20-22
Seas: NE 6-8ft

Partly Cloudy

Good Morning From Wandering Dolphin,

We did a little course change last evening because we needed to gybe.  The new course is taking us a little north of our intended route and we will miss the eddy current but it will also put us about 20 miles further north of the largest winds and seas we are supposed to see today and tomorrow.  We will gybe again when we reach 13 29N  76 00W which should put us on a good heading for Panama.

Last night Kristofer made a twist on a Cuban quesadilla with fried summer sausage, melted cheddar, bread and butter pickles, and mustard on a fried tortilla. This morning Becca made Tofer's famous coconut rice.  No one is going to starve.

Three of us virtually live in different worlds out here as we read our various books.  Kaleb has traded in his Game Boy for a Kindle as his occupation of choice and has joined in the swelling ranks of readers.  Rebecca just makes Kristofer tell her the whole story of every book he reads rather than reading it herself.  Kanyon spends most of his time trying to find a comfortable spot to fold his super long legs into a sitting position.

Yesterday when we gybed the boat, suddenly everything that had been secure on the starboard side spent the whole night suddenly flying across the boat at inopportune moments, or falling on sleeping people.  But I will say the head sure is a lot more comfortable when it embraces you rather than flinging you off as you try to do your business.  Tofer discarded eight little dead flying fish from the scuppers this morning.

We  would like to send out a little thank you to two particular folks who constantly amuse us with jokes and riddles.  Aline and Jim V please send us another message just letting us know who you are.  Do we personally know you or are you following on the blog or Facebook?  Either way, "Thanks!"  You are really a part of this passage and have brought giggles and laughter to the family!

Looks like about two days left to Shelter Bay Marina in Panama!

Captain Tofer, Becca, EmilyAnne, Kanyon, Kaleb and Benny


  1. Hello from Montana Burton Clan;

    Tofer you might not remember me but we worked together at YFC in Casper for a summer back in 1994-95ish. Jimmy was a baby, you and Becca lived in the little house on Chestnut Street. I hiked with you through the Windriver's with a bunch of lawless boys and a few girls - my strongest memory, waking up to find that the whiner of the group had eaten ALL of the lunch supplies. We still had 7 days to hike. That was awesome. Anyway, now I live in Deer Lodge and go to the Depot and Shelly and I were discussing your upcoming sailing plans and she pointed me to your blog. Living on the ocean is a dream if you ask me. I am sure its not without its downside but an adventure of epic proportions none the less. I will be blog-stalking you guys for the next few months and praying for you to have safe travels and endless adventures. Amy (Nurss) Kroon

  2. Amy!!! Of course I remember you! And that... Ummm infamous trip in the wind rivers
    , glad to have you aboard for the journey, we also have a Wandering Dolphin Facebook page which we update a lot offshore! Tell Shelly I love her and just stare at Caleb with a look of disgust for me. ;)