Saturday, March 22, 2014

March 22 Position Report

3/22/14 Wandering Dolphin POS

10 48.600 N  078 24.124 W
COG 185T

Wind: NE18-22
SEAS: NE 8-8ft
Temp: 88.6F
Mostly Cloudy

Double reefed main
lightly reefed jib
no stays'l
One more gybe?

Good Morning,

With the heading we are on right now we are directly headed to one of the places we really wanted to spend some time.  The San Blas Islands.  Because we had to work and refit the boat we were forced to skip a lot of the places we really wanted to stop on this voyage.  We also missed Cartagena, Columbia, where we always thought we would spend a Christmas.  Missing these stops is tough but... We console ourselves with the fact that the world is round...

The last two days have been uncomfortable.  It's never fun to close up the boat in the heat, eat only sandwiches, and cringe when a wave breaks into the cockpit.  The boys don't seem to care and their worlds in Minecraft continue to grow and they continue to catch various PokeMon rather than fish.  Speaking of fish, last night a large flying fish came aboard with one of the waves.  It was funny to watch all three boys try to catch that fish in the dark to throw it over.

Aline and Jim V, thanks for introducing us to your families over the Iridium message.  It's pretty cool to have folks in the snow in Alberta and others in Texas sharing our journey with us.
Kevin, Could you resend the info on your Panama anchorage?  EmilyAnne promptly deleted it.

We will have internet at the marina in Panama so we can upload some pictures to the blog.

Captain Tofer, Rebecca, EmilyAnne, Kanyon, Kaleb, Benny

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