Saturday, May 10, 2014

May 10 Position Report

5/10/14 Wandering Dolphin POS
GMT 1229
10 37.15 N   095 58.29 W
COG 210T
SOG 4kt
DMG 640
DTG 3799

Wind. Wind yesterday filled in from the west as forecast at 8-10 in the late afternoon which left us either motoring against wind and waves at 3kts using fuel, or tacking north west at 330 and sailing through the night with the idea to tack south toward our newest warm eddy current waypoint at first light today.  This morning the wind died again and is now dependent on the squalls which surround us on all sides.  These squalls don't seem to be wind driven and come at us sometimes from both sides, it's bizarre. Right now I have the main reefed and set and no jib up and we have wind from the south at 6-8.  We are motoring toward that waypoint and dodging squalls.

Temp: 89.2 F
Pressure: 29.6
Current: not noticeable yet
Sky: overcast squalls everywhere
Seas: less than 1 ft.

Good morning,

I am really tired this morning so this will be a pretty short post. We were up and down last night reefing and shaking out reefs, putting on foul weather gear and removing it.  It looks like today will be much of the same with the boat closed up often.  The boat gets so hot below when it's closed up but the rains in these squalls mean business.  The boat is a mess of towels and foul weather gear below.  We can't wait to leave this ITCZ stuff behind and if that means missing Clipperton we are AOK with that.  My fuel is down to just over 1/3 left so we won't be able to do much more serious motoring.  I'm hoping to at least get into that favorable current before I have to shut it off for good.

Yesterday we had oatmeal with nuts and apples for breakfast, mac and cheese for lunch, and baked sicken with scalloped potatoes and peas and corn for supper.  Starburst candy was our special snack.

Messages:  Aline:  thanks again for the new word games and riddles.
Jim V. Thanks for the msgs about your place in TX and the funny riddles. Buck-an-ear got some laughs.
Herman: thanks for the triva!
The Twins:  need a hint on that last riddle
Carl: thanks for the ghost ship info, kids loved it!
Pierre:  added DMG and DTG to report, I don't actually do a NTN every day but when I do I'll add it too.

Thanks for your messages everyone!  Time for me to get a little shut eye!  In another squall right now FYI.

Captain Tofer and the Crew

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