Sunday, May 18, 2014

May 18 Afternoon Position Report

5/18 Wandering Dolphin Afternoon Post

Well, we have hardly gone anywhere today.  The beautiful wind from yesterday is gone and all we have is light wind from the south east and occasional squalls to brighten our boredom.  Everyone is on edge, tempers are short and patience is at its bare minimum.  The fact that the boat rolls around in the swells, going nowhere, makes matters worse.  Rebecca said today, "It's a lot easier to put up with the uncomfortable motion if the boat is actually heading in the right direction fast huh?"  Ain't that the truth.

The kids have just wedged themselves into their little spaces to do their own thing.  Emily and Kanyon are watching old seasons of "Survivor" on my little iPod, Benny has his lee cloth up and he is cuddled with Big Lion reading Fablehaven on a Kindle, Kaleb is playing a Final Fantasy game on his GameBoy, Rebecca is spending her time watching "Rome" on her iPad, and I searched all the books on my Kindle and discovered a Jack Reacher novel that I bought a while back but had never read, so bonus!

With no sun and no wind our charge situation is such that we had to turn off the fridge until further notice.  The only food left in it is butter and cheese and I'm hoping it will all be ok once we can turn it on in a few days.  The reefing line for the main chafed through today as well so I had to do some creative splicing from the stays'l sheet to fix it.

We are surrounded by squalls with no wind right now getting ready for another night out here.

Don and Cave, thanks to both of you for sharing your food that you're eating!
Jim V. The special cookies sound AMAZING!
Aline, thanks for the puzzles, Benny loves Math but Kaleb said, "Tell her no one is EVER that bored!"
Herman, and alas... Our winning streak has been snuffed!
Christian, bet you're glad you're not on this one huh?

Hope we have a more positive report in the morning!
Thanks for coming along,
Captain Tofer, Becca, Emily, Kanyon, Kaleb, and Benny

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