Wednesday, May 21, 2014

May 21 Wandering Dolphin Afternoon Report with Becca

10  44N 111  31W
COG 255T

Celebrate with us -- we have wind & rain!  We are hoping to get some miles in and fill the tanks.  We hit 9.2 knots for 2 seconds!!  Tofer is up on deck making a dam around our water intake while I am holding a bucket under the biggest drips off the Main.  We have our water catcher up in the cockpit with her hose running to a jerry can.  We will see what we can get from Mother Nature.

It seems that the little rain shower has passed and now we're back to a steady crawl.  At least we are knocking out a few miles everyday.  I know once this voyage is over we will look back on it and say we had 20 something days of being becalmed and 15 days of great sailing.  I'm looking forward to the great sailing part now.

I have gone through our food stores, and folks, we are going to be eating lots of rice, tuna & black beans.  We are going to be craving some red meat when we hit land.  We have been talking about our first meal ashore and we still have not come to an idea of what or where but it's sure fun to talk about it.  For now we can only dream.  I didn't get any bread made today, I took today off and we are doing non-cooked meals.

Hey!  We have upgraded from 2kts to 6kts because of another squall.  Celebrating the little moments as they show up.

One more thing to share with you all.  I have a joke for you all, my Grams shared it with me while I was home.

"Two fisherman were sitting in their boat.  One fisherman told the other he hadn't had a bite in two days.  So, the other fisherman leaned over and bit him!"  Corny huh?  That was Grams.

Catching the Wind & Rain today, thanks for following along,
Becca, Tofer, Emily, Kanyon, Kaleb & Benny

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  1. Following along and although I don't know your family personally, I do send prayers and positive thoughts to Wandering Dolphin. I currently live in Denver and about to move aboard a 36' junk rig schooner in August with my husband and our dog. This afternoon we had crazy rain and hail storms, including a small tornado. We'll send some fair winds your way! I think what you're doing is magnificent. Keep thinking about that first meal in Hawaii & fair winds!