Friday, May 23, 2014

May 23 Afternoon Position Report

GMT 2200
09 58.81N 115 05.48W
COG 240T (tacking back north in a bit to stay around 10)
SOG 4.5kt
Wind W8-12
Sky mostly clear
Seas calm
Temp 90f
Pressure 29.6

Wandering Dolphin Daily News,

As the days click on by and we see the miles melt away we begin to talk about things we would like to do on our short visit to Hawaii.  My family isn't the typical cruising family, we don't look for hikes in the mountains or hikes through the jungle.  Oh, we tried a hike in the jungle in Trinidad.  We were maybe 5 minutes from the trail head when we all looked around us, took in the beauty of the unknown and turn around and headed back.  OK, to be fair we were all in crocs, no socks, and shorts.  I just remember the entire floor of the jungle moving and I didn't want to know why.  Lol!!  And the last time anyone hiked a mountain to jump off waterfalls Tofer broke his ankle.  I realize now that, that was years ago and we should adventure out more.  Now, that the kids are older, stronger and can carry their own things we just may explore out of our box.  Yes, even the WD has a box that we need to escape from.

I have enjoyed our journey of other places and some of the challenges they brought.  In the D.R. I went hunting for provisions with Rennie of Salt n Light.  This was our first outing in Luperon and after what seemed like a life time (around 4 hours+), I returned home with a pineapple and a loaf of bread and tears in my eyes.  In the next few days I met other cruisers and learn the ropes of shopping.  It all worked out in the end but it was a daily hunting expedition for food.  I do smile as I think back on other chores like hauling water, doing the laundry & finding a hot spot for the Internet.  Cruising today is much different and we all look for what others are leaving behind.  We want the convenience of a bigger town or even a CITY.  Yes, I know how strange that sounds to most cruisers.  Finding a stateside supermarket makes us so happy.  We can find Miracle Whip, white tuna, chili and all sorts of goodies we love.  I make OK coffee but we all want our fancy coffee and pastries.  We are looking forward to seeing all the movies we have missed in the last three months.  Emily & I are looking forward to some pampering at a local salon.  And we all will visit the mall to window shop with hopes we will find the next great deal.

We will also visit historical sites, site see and, who knows, we might even hike a volcano.  Only time will tell now.  Originally we had a month in Hawaii but now it's down to just under three weeks.  After this month of traveling I think my troop might want to venture out.

I guess I am getting ahead of myself -- we still have 20 days or so to go.  Today is a beautiful day of gentle swaying and the sails are full.  I need to focus on this moment & enjoy my journey.  Carl, you are right that we are doing what so many would love to do.  There are even moments out here where everything is so nice that I even begin to think of planning on another sea journey.  Then there are times where I want it to be DONE now, not tomorrow!  Heheh.

Scott & Karrie, Thanks for the note about Grams service.  I was lazy yesterday and didn't write my daily notes.  Aline, thanks for the information on Hawaii, I put into my journal.  And the news about CR.  Brent, Tofer will answer you question in his morning blog.  The other messages from all of you keep me locked into the land side of me.  Keeps us laughing, thinking, talking & adding to our knowledge.  Thanks for being part of our adventures and thanks for sharing your adventures with us.  I made bread today and it was gone in 20 minutes... Kaleb traded Tofer his second piece for a Snickers bar.  The rest of the family said no way, Mom's bread is the best!  Now WD smells like bread & our bellies are full of bread, butter & strawberry jam.  We are happy campers!!!

Enjoying the moments, Becca, Tofer, Emily, Kanyon, Kaleb & Benny.

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