Saturday, May 24, 2014

May 24 Afternoon Position Report

5/24/14 Wandering Dolphin Afternoon POS
GMT 2200
10 21.03N  116 54.27W
COG 285T
SOG 7.5kt
Temp: 91 F
Pressure: 29.5
Wind: NW 18-20
Sky: mostly clear
Seas: 6-8 ft from the NNE
Sails: double reefed main, single reefed jib, full stays'l / close hauled

From the cupboards of WD
In years past, when getting ready for passages I would spend a few weeks canning our meats.  I canned chicken, BBQ pork roast and ground beef in a variety of sauces.  This was a long process but made offshore meals easy and even amazing at times.  The funny thing is, I did this for passages of only a week to ten days at best.  I also canned a lot of meat for our time in the Bahamas.

Today our discussion was how great my canned chicken would be or the BBQ pork on homemade bread.  I hung my head and Tofer gave me his look.  See, I procrastinate most everything I do, I believe it makes me work better.  Haha!  Not really, I had great plans to can for our biggest passage to date --this one.  I set up a place (Jim Blakey's home on Water Island) to use as a  kitchen.  I priced out the meat and even bought some new rings for my jars.  The date was penciled onto my calendar more then twice.  I had the best intentions... I was going to can, however I worked up to the last week we were in St. Thomas.  Like most moms we think we are super human and can fit 36 hours into a 24 hour day.  Another fault of mine is I get distracted easily and then think I can do it tomorrow.  But Tofer knew was that I was over extended and just plain worn out.  I was working 10+ hours, six days a week, and on my day off I was playing catch up.  So together we chose to buy our canned meats for this passage.  We figured we could find the canned chicken at least and substitute spam, canned ham, corned beef, and other meats for the beef.  I should have stuck to my moto, "When you see it buy it!"  We left St Thomas with only 2 canned chicken and never found it again in Panama or Costa Rica.  BUMMER!

Today is one of those food craving kind of days where one of my home canned meals would be a welcome sight.

Some other things that I should have provisioned are:
Powdered eggs for baking
Butter Crisco for baking
Powdered milk for baking
I don't think you can have too much flour bacon bits-add to salads or pasta

I am sure I will think of more but thought I would share what I have found.  Before heading out I would recommend that all flour, mixes, pastas or dried goods be placed in freezer for at least 24 hours to kill any living little creatures.  This has always worked best for me in the past.

A Sappy Side note;
Even though I never was able to fit canning into my crazy last of days on St. Thomas calendar, I was able to take in some special moments in a place that is so beautiful and filled with great people.  For so many years I only saw what was inside my bubble.  It was an eye opening, breath taking, puddle jumping, and great laughter send off.  My belly might regret not canning for now but happy memories outweigh the hunger.  Now to go find something to make out of tuna....
Eat Something Yummy Tonight and Think of Us!
Becca and WD Crew

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