Friday, May 30, 2014

May 30 Position Report

5/30/14 Wandering Dolphin POS

GMT 1600
13 53.32N 131 19.60W
COG 285T
SOG 6kt
DMG 138 nautical miles
DTG 1413 nautical miles

Wind: ENE 10-16
Temp: 87.8f
Pressure: 29.65
Sky: completely overcast, light rain
Seas: 4-6ft confused
Sails: double reefed main, full jib

Last night was a mess.  The wind blew 25-30 while it rained.  The wind was blowing the rain horizontal and we were heavily reefed, again taking some crazy waves over the deck.  It started to moderate about 4:00am.  Why does that stuff happen at night when you have zero visibility?  All I could think about was another hurricane developing right on top of us.  I stayed up all night working the boat, waking Emily when I needed to mess with the sails.  It is completely white out right now.  The sky looks like a Montana winter sky and it is actually very cool out.  The wind feels cold and there is a light drizzle rain falling.

There is a decent size flying fish waiting for me to fry him up for breakfast.  This is the first that has been big enough to eat so I'm actually looking forward to it.  I have heard they are great.  Tickles used to have that flying fish sandwich, it was my favorite.  There was also a six inch squid on deck this morning... I'm not that hungry yet.

Well that's my report for this morning.  I'll see if Becky wants to write anything while I cook up my fish.

Hello from the world of grey!  From the sky of lightest grey to a grey-blue sea my entire view is a  shade of grey.  I finally figured out what my environment reminds me of, a snow globe.  Except we are the ones inside and Mother Nature is shaking the globe to see how we handle it.  I have to say that when it's rough Tofer and EmilyAnne do all the boat handling unless they need a third party.  I have successfully worked myself out of a job and that was always my plan.  So last night while I wedged myself into our V-berth Captain Tofer slept in the cockpit, worked the sails, and dodged the rain.  My only frustration was that I couldn't find a great place to wedge into.  So I think we handled the globe shaking alright.

I think for now Mother Nature is done shaking our globe.  Hopefully, after breakfast Captain will rest while the boys and I do school.  We will do some chores and I will tackle trying to be creative on meal planning.

Chuck, thanks for the riddle
Jim V have fun being a chaperone tonight

Hope your day is full of unexpected adventure, Tofer, Bec and Crew

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