Wednesday, July 23, 2014

July 23 Position Report

7/23/14 Wandering Dolphin POS

0800 Hawaiian Standard Time / 1800 GMT
N 35 41.89  W 160 32.67
COG 010T
SOG 6.4kt

Wind: E 18-22
Pressure: 30.10 rising
Temp: 82.8F
Sky: mostly clear
Seas: 2-3 ft
Sails: double reefed main, partly reefed jib, stays'l
Next Waypoint: N39. W159.  Then motor across high to N48. W155.   Then Cape Fl WA.

Today's report is from Rebecca.

Good morning from WD.  I can hardly believe that our home WD is on the move from St. Thomas, VI to Washington state even this far into the journey.  As the water passes under the hull I am at ease with the motion and enjoying the cooler breeze.  When we left St. Thomas March 17th, I had a tear  in my eye and a smile on my face for the next big adventure.  This journey has covered miles of open sea, some stops at great locations, and we have met some incredible people.  Someday our kids will look back and realize what a life event this was for them but for now it's just another sailing journey on our home.  We all have childhood stories of great adventure wether you were in a city, farm, island or out to sea.  We have lots of time to share while out here and one of my favorite times is when the kids tell of the crazy days of the farm or Water Island and their air soft gun wars, selling coconuts to the tourists, sleepovers, fishing for sharks, sodas on Bones and the list goes on.  They are now talking about what being on a dock will be like.  Questions are flying, the main question is, can I have a bike?  It makes my heart happy to see my family excited about the next chapter in our lives.  It reminds me to be childlike and not to stress over the unknown before getting the facts.  At this point Emily and I have channel fever with WA only being 2,000 miles away.  We daydream of what's to come when Captain reminds us to enjoy the rest of the voyage.  So today I will focus on the beauty of today.

Replies to messages:
JaredR:  We enjoyed hearing of your families motor home Yuma adventure.  And I don't like crickets!

JimV: You are one busy Dad safe travels to you.  Also we are all enjoying the Lonesome Dove series.

Aline:  Thanks for following all these miles.  How is the boat hunting going?

Len:  We will make plans after landfall for sure.

Alex:  S/V Pesto WD will not be stopping in Seattle but hopefully we can connect before you start your journey.

Steve: thanks for the updates!

Herman: I miss your STT news, where are you?

Cave and Chenoa: thanks for the news and weather!

WaterIsland & STT peeps big and small:  You are missed and talked about often.

Now to embrace whatever today brings at me, Becca

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