Saturday, July 26, 2014

July 26 Position Report

7/26/14 Wandering Dolphin POS

0800 Hawaiian Standard Time +1 / 1700 GMT
N40 20.49 W156 47.30
COG 053T
SOG 5.5kt
DMG 116 nautical miles
DTG 1613 nautical miles

Wind: SW less than 6
Pressure: 29.9
Temp: 79F
Seas: 1-2ft
Sky: overcast
Sails: stays'l set in tight for stability
Engine on at 1800RPM

Yesterday was a beautiful day.  The wind did die completely around 10:00am and we had to start motoring.  The sea was calm and the sun was shining.  It was nice to be cool but yet have the sun shining. We opened the hatches and let the cool sea air wash through again.  It was cold enough in the cockpit that Becky was like a cat, seeking spots of sun to lay in.

The boys did their school and when it was all done they played Xbox for the rest of the day.  The unlimited power also meant we could watch an extra show in the evening.

We had cereal for breakfast, open face tuna sandwiches on homemade bread for lunch, and PIZZA for supper!

At dusk a big pod of dolphins came by and swam around the boat.  They played in the bow wake and we all sat up on deck watching them.  I had my feet hanging off the bow pulpit and one of the got me wet when it came up for a breath right under my feet.  They took off in a race all of the sudden.  I have never seen them swim so fast!  It was like they were a bunch of kids and the parents just said, "I told you not to go play with that boat!  You get your fins over here right now or you'll feel my tail!"

The wind (what little of it there is) clocked around to the SW which I take as a good sign.  It must mean we are near the correct side of the high to get our west and north west winds later.  We are supposed to have a little west wind in a day or two before it dies again.  Our goal is to get up to 48 where the consistent winds from the west and north west should take us all the way to Washington.
We have had the engine on for 24 hours now and we can motor for a total of 5 days if we have to but we want to keep 24 hours fuel for our approach to The coast and Port Angeles so that gives us 3 days left of motoring to get across this high.  I am sure we will have to turn it off and sail slowly again in order to get through it.

It was cold last night... No really... I was actually wearing all my polar fleece and our fleece blanket and still shivering.  It BLOWS my mind to think about the latitudes we have covered!  From almost at the equator to 40N now... Wow... From hot to cold.

I am going to see if I can plant the idea of pancakes in my sleeping wife's brain.

Have a great day on your spot on the globe!
Captain Tofer  

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