Thursday, July 31, 2014

July 31 Position Report

7/31/14 Wandering Dolphin POS

1000 Anchorage Time/1800GMT
N44 28.78 W148 34.43
COG 080T
SOG 3-4 kt
DMG 88 nautical miles
DTG 1083 nautical miles

Wind: S 10
Pressure: 29.75
Temp: 68F
Sky: overcast
Seas: 4ft swells
Sails: main and jib set.

From Becky:
Good morning, today we find ourselves again waiting for the wind to fill in.  Our wheel is tied off and we are drifting with the current and riding the swells as they try to make it under the boat.  In the morning as I drink my coffee I plan the meals based on the sea conditions.  Example; rougher seas mean a one pot meal with a lid.  The mellow days I bake, fry, get my Betty Crocker on.  What I have found is that what I consider a rough day has changed and I find myself cooking more difficult meals in difficult situations.  This means we eat better and I try to prepare meals instead of just foods.  Bonus for my family, right?  I still use a pot with a lid for really rough days, however I also bake bread, muffins or dessert to go along with the meal.

For the meal planners out there, make your provision as simple to prepare as possible.  Buy mixes that just add water, canned goods that can be used for a variety of dishes, different kinds of pasta just to mix it up, dry sauces and gravy mixes come in handy.  Crackers (Ritz) keep well because they have sleeves.  Although once open you need to eat the entire sleeve that day.  In the past I have over stocked dry goods and this just makes for waste.  Example is flour is stored in my cabinet 4 to 6 month is will take on the "boat flavor."  This won't kill you but it makes it taste off and disappointing at best.

For long passages you should also bring comfort foods such as nuts, granola bars, candies, jerky, chips -- anything that will brighten your day.  I often store goodies in different lockers so when found it's like a treasure for the family.  I just pulled out a bag of starburst and there were smiles all around.  Who needs an entire bags at once?  We make our bag last a few days by only handing out 3 to 4 at a time.  Funny how quantity changes when living on a boat.  I have tons of stories about food but one of my favorite is from the Dominican Republic.  The months prior to the DR we were in the Bahamas where food was very pricey & so we had to share apples, sodas, candy bars, etc.  Once we reached the DR we went to shore for dinner where each child got a soda.  Benny put his little hands around the glass bottle held it ever so still and looked at me and said, "Is this all mine?"  Little Benny (then 5 years old) asked me.  I replied, "Yes!  All for you!" and he giggled, smiled and began to slurp it down.

Or when we were in Puerto Rico while in the grocery store I told them they could have a treat, all five kids stood there discussing with their heads together and then they picked an apple out of the cooler.  They picked the apple because they could eat it right off the core without me cutting it up to share.  Even on this passage I still cut up the apples to share and hand out candies in small quantities.  Without complaint (most of the time) my family doesn't moan or cry about the food.  Unless I get too creative.  Sometimes that doesn't also turn out so well.

If you have been following long you all know my family loves to eat, just remember the weeks after landing on Hawaii...haha.  What I am saying is don't change your diet on a passage.  Eat what you would normally eat.  Just plan for simpler meals.  Plan some meals you won't need to cook and throw in some things that will make you feel comfortable.

Here is my recipe I use for offshore quick rise bread

2 1/4 C milk
1t salt
1/4 C sugar
8T butter

Heat above times until warm but not hot to the pinky test.  ;) not sure temp
Once temp is correct whisk in 4 1/2 t yeast Then add 1C of flour at a time up to 6 C Turn out onto floured board and knead 5 minutes. Don't over knead or add to much flour, this will make dough too heavy.  Form dough into a ball & Spray or oil dough, cover and let rise 30 to 40 minutes.  I use this dough for cinnamon rolls, dinner rolls or bread.

Cinnamon filling;
Once dough is rolled out, spread with butter (a good layer), sprinkle with cinnamon, layer brown sugar over dough.  Roll into tube, cut into 2 inch disc.  Again, I don't measure... ;)

For a more detailed recipe, look up quick rise white bread.   It will give you details I left out.  I hope you enjoy it.

From my galley to yours,

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