Thursday, July 24, 2014

Send Text Messages to Wandering Dolphin

It's Mike from the WD Shore Crew:

The Wandering Dolphin crew sure enjoys receiving text messages on the Iridium satellite phone.  To send a message, go to

1.) Click the first box and enter 881632521786
2.) Click the second box titled Reply Email and put in your name and message number.  Example: Mike1/3 or Mike 2/3.
3.) In the third box, type your message.

Each message can be up to 160 characters so you may need to break up your message into multiple parts.  Just enter the message number in the second box so the crew can keep track.

Sending messages is free so send as many as you like.  As soon as you click the Send Message button, the crew receives your message and jump up to see what it says.  Someone is always on watch so they'll get your message right away.

Your jokes and riddles help pass the time and if you have any questions, we can answer you on our next update.

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