Wednesday, August 6, 2014

August 6 Position Report

Aug 6th and 21 days at sea,
1100 Anchorage Time / 1800 GMT
N 47 37.02   W 139 37.66
COG 090T
SOG 4.5 - 5 kts
DMG 105 nautical miles
DTG 658 nautical miles

Wind: S8-10
Pressure: 30.05
Temp: 75F
Sky: overcast
Seas: 2 ft west swells
Sails: main and genoa set

Good morning friends,
Hey Ladies!  Just because you are living on a boat doesn't mean you will need to give up your girly side.  Things you might want to bring along on your adventure would include one pair nice of sandals (heels), two or three nice dresses, earrings (I buy cheap hoops because they rust out in a few months) and anything that will make you feel special.  I also spend time in the salon along the way for beauty days, a girl needs to look good while at sea.  I also started with a short pixie cut that didn't even require a hair brush.  This style is great for the hot tropical weather but will need to be cut every four to six weeks to maintain.  Please, please don't let your hubby try his skills at cutting your hair.  Haha!!  Emily and I both have grown out our hair past our shoulder so we can wear ponytails and braids.  This works well too but now we shed and we find hair balls everywhere just something to think about.  Side note, I cut the boys hair myself and now after 10 years I do a pretty fine job.

Yesterday I found the boys searching their cubbies for lost treasures.  It all started as a result of wondering where a lost game might be.  It was fun to listen to them as they found Lego bits and pieces, missing pencils and erasers and the lost games.  What transpired after the treasure hunt was a nerf war and fort making afternoon.  Kanyon made his fort in his cabin using all the stuffed animals as a barrier wall that he hide behind.  Benny used the starboard settee, lee cloth, blankets and pillows to make his fort and shooting range.  Kaleb was the the lone gunman and collected bullets and ran the operation.  It was hours of fun, nerf bullets flying, rearranging of fort and trading guns.  This excitement all took place in about a 10x3 on WD, not much bigger than some of your closets I am sure.  I was even brought in to fix the machine gun when it was malfunctioning.  Benny said, "Mom, how do you know to fix guns?"  I just laughed.

EmilyAnne and I had some girl time in the cockpit while Captain was sleeping and the bullets were flying.  It was moments of laughter as we whined about not being there yet.  I love the silly times we spend together.  Yesterday was just a silly moment of two girls being girls and playfully complaining about whatever came to mind.  We covered everything from food, sweets, boys, wanting a shower to just making stuff up.  It will be these moments that I will remember about our passages and our family time.


Jim V; we're not sure about school for the boys at this point.  We'll have to look into it.  Yes the boys and Kristofer are HUGE "Firefly" fans!  If you like that show you might want to read "The Kestrel Saga" by Stephen A. Fender.  He says it's a pretty fun read, typical space cowboy stuff.  He's reading it right now as a matter of fact.

Cave;  Thanks for the weather, that little storm coming our way might just give us the boost we need to get to shore!

Have a Wonderful Day,

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