Saturday, June 5, 2010

Day 11 Simpatica

We made it safe and sound to Key West! The last night out was a crazy wil ride across the Gulf Stream in 30 knot gusts of wind, dumping rain (mostly on Richard’s watch again), and lightning all around us. At one point we were forced to turn and run off downwind toward Cuba. That squll blew itself out and we turned back on course. While we motored up the entrance to Key West we watched a spectacular display of American fighter jets. There must have been an airshow nearby.

We met up with Will, the owner of Simpatica, who took us out for a great lunch/ breakfast and later on a steak dinner.

Saturday I will say a goodbye to my son and fly home to Wandering Dolphin. Richard is ready to see his family after almost a month at sea, (he went with us on 2 out of 4 of the deliveries.)

God Bless,

Captain Tofer, Richard, and Jimmy

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  1. Tell Jimmy "Good Luck" We wish him great success in the CG and life. Were sure the crew of WD will miss him.