Thursday, June 10, 2010

Simpatica: Jimmy and the Crew Make it to Panama City, FL

Jimmy continued on from Key West with the owner of Simpatica.  They arrived last night at the marina in Panama City, FL.  They only had one day with enough wind for sailing and they didn't see even a hint of the oil spill, so it has not made it that far over at any rate.

Jimmy will be flying to Montana where his Grandmother will pick him up and drive him to Wyoming.  He has big plans for the summer and I am sure she has big plans for him... he wants to head into the mountains to Camp and make a trip up to visit his Uncle but I am sure Grandma's plans involve pulling weeds, mowing, painting etc.

Back on Wandering Dolphin we are all finding out that Jimmy did a whole lot to make life easier on us all... little things like filling the generator with fuel, lifting the water jugs, cleaning Shadow.   The kids have been reworking the chores and the little guys are washing dishes now.

The boat has some unexpected problems that are keeping us from sailing south.  The alternator stopped charging.  I have had it checked and it's fine so it has to be a connection at the positive or groound somewhere or it could be the regulator is shot.  I have rebuilt the alternator before (just last summer) but still the understanding of these things seems to  still be a little beyond my natural abilities so I will have to hire Herman to help me sort out the problem.  He knows his stuff though and it is a good idea for me to make sure all of the systems are set up correctly and that I understand those systems before we head into the Pacific.  While I am at it I will wire it up for the new solar panels and run the wire for the RAM mic at the helm.

I will keep you all posted on the status of the work and countdown so sailing south.

Captain Tofer

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