Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Day 8 Simpatica

We are off the coast of Cuba now, about to enter the narrow passage known as the Old Bahama Channel. This area is actually divided by traffic separation zones for large ships. It will be interesting sailing through it in the dark because we still have to gibe as we are running right downwind. Today we had to gibe to keep out of the way of a freighter. Right after we gibed the officer on board called us on the radio. It seems he owns a sailboat and wished he could switch places with us.

What have we been doing to pass the time? Well ever since the XM radio on the chart plotter has started working we not only have weather right on our little Garmin but we also have XM channels so we have been listening to Laugh USA for almost 48 hours straight. It is nice to hear giggles and belly laughs from the guy at the helm even late into the night. Thanks for loaning us the xm antenna Dick and Jill!

Today we received a riddle from Blake on Slow-Mocean. It has kept us busy for most of the day and I was going to post it on the blog and have readers send us ideas... but Blake broke the cardinal rule of riddles... NEVER GIVE UP THE ANSWER! He just sent us a message with the answer... OK Blake make up for it and send us another one!

Just as a side note the food is running out... glad we will be there in 2 days... Richard's family will get a kick out of this... He is in the cockpit right now BBQing spam with left over Terriaki sauce hahahaha! When I told him to throw a can of Spam in the cart he was against it... todays meal may only confirm his worst fears.

Riddle Me This,

Captain Tofer, Richard and Jimmy

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