Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Day 9: Simpatica: Swimming with Sharks In the DEEP!

First a little house keeping… Blake on Slow-Mocean… the first riddle which you gave us the answer was great but the second one only took us five minutes to solve… I am certain you have a better riddle in your arsenal? Try again… please… we like it.

To the crew of “Salt and Light” thanks for your message and no we can’t send out free text just receive.. sorry to hear the boat has an offer we secretly hoped you would be “forced” to resume cruising, also not sure you know who Richard is… you guys met his family at the boat show and told them to find us in the USVI… they did and I have to send out a thanks for that as they are great friends.

To the crew of Providence, thanks guys! Hope to see you out cruising again… you are the folks on the Gary Mull boat like Wandering Dolphin right?

To Herman… no more messages? Stop….?

OK that’s enough of that on to todays story.

The wind died last night about the time we passed another sailboat in the dark. We chatted with them for a little bit on the radio… they were heading to the DR from Key West… seems like the wrong way to me this time of year. It was nice to talk to another couple of sailors though. We rolled in the flapping jiib and kicked over the motor and started puttering down the rumb line. By morning the sea was flat calm and the wind was nonexistant. The boat started to get unbearably hot below so at noon we decided to cool off by going for a swim. We turned off the engine, heaved the boat to (well tied off the wheel to one side) and threw off a couple of long lines and… went swimming. I jumped off the back showered then ran up and jumped off the bow pulpit. Richard did a gracefull dive or two off the back and we laughed at Jimmy who has always had an “irrational” fear of the deep water way offshore. Keep in mind the sea is as calm as a pool and you can see down 30 feet it is so clear. We stream lines to catch and the swim ladder is down… also one person always stays on the boat. Jimmy has NEVER been willing to do this on any of our past trips… on “Changin Tags” Dick almost had him convinced once but he never would do it. This time I put a lot of pressure on him, ok I was even threatening to throw him off (in fun) and when he was almost ready to jump in I started to try to hit his fingers which were gripping the stern rail… we were all laughing and then Jimmy jumped in and dipped under and came up to the swim platform to shower with the little shower on the back. He was just about to jump in again to rinse and he looked in and right under the swim ladder about six feet down was a HUGE (10 to 12 feet at least NO LIE) black tip shark. He started to stutter and say things in a language I have never heard before. We spent the next 30 minutes trying to get it to come even closer by throwing over left over food and garbage… I don’t think we will see Jimmy jumping off a boat offshore ever again! To be fair… I am not sure Richard or I will either hahahaha.

Lunch Time,

Captain Tofer, Richard, and Jimmy

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