Thursday, April 17, 2014

April 17 Position Report

Wandering Dolphin 4/17/14 POS

07 12.70 N  082 16.15 W
SOG 5kt
COG 310T

Wind: NE  less than 10
Pressure:  29.6
Temp:  90F
Seas: 0-1ft

Motoring 1800RPM

Good Morning!

This is the first time we have actually done any extensive motoring offshore with our new Beta Marine Engine and I must say that it is a whole new thing for us not to be cursing the "Iron Jib."  There is no smell and it is quiet and the fuel consumption is amazing.  We will have no problem making it to Las Suenos.  We should be getting in on Saturday morning early.

Everyone is doing really well.  The kids are getting some X-Box time in every day (another advantage to the motoring-unlimited power!) They have only been doing reading projects for school so now we will have some math and science catch up to do.  Keeping Kaleb in reading material is going to be a challenge on the trip out to Hawaii.  He has read most of what I bought him in Panama.  Thank goodness for Kindles.

I checked the watermaker yesterday to see if my lift pump fixed our problem and it sure did.  It's working great again.  Unfortunately it now uses more power because it has to run the extra pump.  With the new power consumption taken into account I could be making 10 gallons per hour instead of 1.5.  Of course purchasing a new watermaker is out of the question.

Everything else is working great on the boat.  Oh, well the starter has an occasional hiccup...where I have to tap it with a wrench to get it to start.  I will see if there is a starter rebuild shop in Las Suenos.

I tried fishing yesterday and the line is out this morning.  I am the only one disappointed that we haven't caught anything yet.

Thanks to Jim V. and Aline again for the riddles and jokes.  We are about half successful in getting the answers and it gives us a lot of laughs and fun.

Hope you all have a great Thursday!

The Crew of Wandering Dolphin

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