Saturday, April 19, 2014

April 18 Position Report

Wandering Dolphin 4/18/14 POS

08 14.09  N   083 49.39  W
SOG 4.8kt
COG 310T

Wind: -8 Variable
Seas: Flat Calm
Pressure: 29.6
Temp: 90.8F

Motoring 1800RPM

Good Morning,

Wow!  It was a HOT day yesterday.  We were grateful that we fixed the fridge so we could have cold water at least.  We lounged around looking for a place to get cool and not be touched by another human body... That is a real challenge with six people on a 47 ft boat in nearly 100 degree temps.

In the late afternoon we caught a BIG Bull Mahi.  It was over five feet long, we didn't weigh it but it provided us with four one-gallon ziplock bags FULL to bursting with meat.  I made the family fresh Mahi fish sticks by breading and frying strips of the steaks.  Beck made sweet corn and stuffing and homemade tartar sauce and it was GREAT!  Everyone except Benny loved the fish.  Beck went back for seconds on fish and she HATEs fish.  It is actually kind of amazing that anyone ate the fish after seeing the bloody mess of the deck when we were butchering it.  We have been watching "The Walking Dead" for our offshore show and we all laughed that our deck looked like a scene for the show had been filmed there.

We will be in port tomorrow morning at this time.  Leg 3 "Panama to Costa Rica" will be finished.  Our next big leg will be from Here to Hawaii.
We are going to take our first Secchi Disk reading today for the University of Plymouth.

The Crew of Wandering Dolphin


  1. Hi Wandering Dolphin

    I just did a Google search and saw your blog post. Greetings from Plymouth and the Secchi Disk Project ! Looking forward to receiving your Secchi Depth data.

  2. Richard,
    We ran into some problems... It seems impossible for us to stop our boat enough to get the disk to sink straight down for a measurement, we tried multiple times but it kept being pulled under the boat or away from the boat... We added weight and it didn't help, not sure a sailboat will work for this.

  3. happy easter....glad to see things are going well..