Monday, April 28, 2014

Just a Little Down Time

Sorry we have not posted in a few days but while Beck has been gone we have just been hunkered down on the boat.  We get up in the morning and I make the kids a big breakfast, they do school until about 12:30, we have lunch and then they go ashore for a couple of hours while I read.   In the evening I make a big supper and we watch a movie or play a game.... Hmmmmm actually sounds a lot like life back at Honeymoon Bay!

I have had a lot of time to myself this week and with Beck home for her Grandma have been thinking a lot about life.  I remember one time I asked her grandpa if he felt like an old guy or a young guy when he thought about himself and he replied almost immediatly,

"I'm a young guy in my head!  I still want to do all the things I used to, and still kinda think I can.  It's only when I try sometimes that I realize I can't."

My kids would like to hike the Grand Canyon.  I have talked about it for years.  It was always one of my favorite places, so much so that I named one of my sons Kanyon.  My response when Emily asked me about it was,  "You bet!  Let's do it!"  My wife's response was,  " Oh Kristofer, I don't think you can anymore..."  Well I am sure she is right to some degree.  I would have to work out for months in order to be in shape for that again.  I could do it, but not like I remember.

One of the things my Dad always said was,  " It's tough to get old son..."

What on earth does this musing have to do with sailing?  Only EVERYTHING!  The world is HUGE!  There is still a whole lot of it that I would like to see and sailing is one of the few things you can do for quite a while as you age.  There are times though where I sure am glad I'm not twenty years older.  Dump the spinnaker into the water and have to pull it in by hand.   Wrestle that flogging mainsail with the broken halyard down in 30 knot wind.  Pull that anchor chain and 55 pound Rochna up from 30 feet by hand when the windlass breaks...  The list goes on.  I get some grief from family sometimes because I am not out earning a huge paycheck, banking money, buying houses, all that stuff.   I can only do one or the other and someday I can't do either.... Which one will I look back on from my rocking chair and regret not doing?   I guess I am betting that my regret would be that I didn't SAIL!  Well I may be rocking that chair in an oversized refrigerator box by the side of the highway but I bet I have better stories to tell the other bums beside me.

Oh and we set sail on the 3rd instead of the 2nd.... The 2nd is a Friday.
Captain Tofer

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