Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Short Stop in Costa Rica

Wow!  This is quite a place!   Costa Rica so far has been both beautiful and rediculously expensive.  Clearing in cost us $350. US Dollars, the marina charges $3.50 per foot and, get this, $40. Per day to use their dingy dock.... Yep you read that right.  Prices in the restaurants are right on par with St Thomas.

We are in Los Suenos right now and it is our hope that as we cruise around we will discover a better cruisers world out there.  This place caters to the SportFish community and I guess if you can dump $3k in fuel for one day out fishing cheap dockage is not really high on your priorities.

I did get a bit of a chuckle out of an old guy, dressed in all brand new "fishing" clothes... You know... The fancy shirt with flaps all over it that air out your pits and neck, nylon shorts with little hooks for hanging... Whatever you need to hang on your shorts when you are sport fishing, a fancy hat and a silk bandana around his neck...  You get the picture.   He had just bought his coffee and croissant at the coffee shop and the girl behind the counter gave him change in Colons from his American... He got out his little calculator and figured out that she had shorted him 200 colons... He was rudely berating her ability to do math and she was trying to explain that she didn't have the exact change because he used American and it was early morning... He insisted she make it right...  This guy has a half million dollar Sport Fish boat, is wearing, $800. in fancy sport clothes, and he is berating the poor girl for .36 US. THIRTY-six-CENTS!  

Becky catches her cab in a bit here.  She will be flying home to Bellingham, WA for a week to be with her sick grandmother while the kids and I explore.  We will try to find places to connect with wifi but if we can't we will still send out updates to our buddy Mike, who will post them for us.

On the second of May we will again set sail.  This time for the long passage (4700 miles) to Hawaii.  We hope you will be patient with our sojourn here and join us when we make the big pacific leap to Maui.

Captain Tofer and the Crew


  1. Thanks for the update.. I am on my way to costa rica and was wondering about current check in costs, etc.. Did you anchor out anywhere or was the marina the only option? I have friends who live in Playa Flamingo and hoped to anchor near their home.. Glad to hear you are having a fun voyage nevertheless.. Nell and Phil SV Moon Dancer- currently in Panama City

  2. Hi guys, when coming north from Panama you should stop in Golfito, they don't like you coming further. Have four copies of a crew list, copies of passports, and documentation as well as your Zarpe from Panama. We will update this week where we find good cruising grounds, a local told us about some cool spots, ill blog them!