Wednesday, May 14, 2014

May 14 Position Report

5/14/14 Wandering Dolphin POS
GMT 1200
08 38.21N  100 40.42W
COG 255T
SOG 6.2kt
NTN 110 nautical miles
DTG 3478 nautical miles

Wind: WNW 8-12
Current: favorable 1 kt
Temp: 89f
Pressure: 29.55
Sky: partly cloudy, squalls around
Seas:1-2 ft

All sails set. Close hauled.

Good Morning,
Yesterday was a good day.  We were moving all day long under sail alone.  It has been two days since we ran the engine for any reason.  The sun has given enough charge in the day to fully charge the batteries.  We have been turning off the fridge at night now since all of the fresh meat is gone anyway. All is well with the boat and crew.

Our biggest frustration now is that we are headed south and loosing the helpful current.  The clear sky's are also to the north while squally weather is to our south.  The problem remains, if we tack, we stop making headway to the west entirely and our northerly progress is hampered by the very current that helps us on the other tack so that we are only moving north at 2 knots.  We are continuing to gamble that if we stay on this WSW heading the northerly shift in the wind will come and allow us to head up enough to make Clipperton.

This time offshore has given Beck and I a lot of time to sit in the cockpit and just chat and laugh.  I think everyday life gets in the way for almost everyone and time to just sit around and talk is forgotten.  Out here we have lots of time to spend on each other.

It's funny, on the shorter passage from St Thomas to Panama, by day six we were all daydreaming about food but on this one we haven't began to do that yet.  Perhaps it's just because we are still eating so well.  Yesterday we had cereal for breakfast, tuna/cabbage wraps for lunch, and pepperoni pizza for supper.  EmilyAnne also made chocolate chip cookies for snack.
The meat line is in the water now.  Hope we get another big Mahi Mahi.

Jimmy!  Thanks for getting back to us.   Email us today please!  I'll repost the instructions for the sat messages too, your brothers would love it if you sent msgs.
Carl:  thanks for the history of the bicycle!  Don't know if you know it but I rode my bicycle from Wyoming to Alaska when I was 16.
Jim V: glad you got some rain and both Beck and Em got the Bison riddle :)
Jared:  we should be in Hawaii still near the end of June but we will be at the Yacht club in Honolulu. Pierre: thanks!  We sure are glad to be moving!
Emily Osborn: SO great to hear from you!  Hope all is well back in Montana!  Tell our friends "hi" for us!  Glad you're with us on this trip.
Shannon: thanks for the new riddle.
Aline: OK this coin one has us flummoxed!

To send us a free message on our Iridium phone just follow these instructions: you leave the number 8816 that is already in the number slot and add our number to it 32521786 then just type in your message. Don't bother putting your email in the email line but do put your name and the message order like 1/3, if you're sending 3 msgs. (160 total characters per message) But you can send as many as you like and they are free. Remember when the beep goes off from the phone we always jump to see what it says...
Thanks Again for Sailing a With Us!
Captain Tofer, Beck, Ems, Kanyon, Kaleb, Benny

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