Thursday, May 15, 2014

May 15 Position Report

5/15/14 Wandering Dolphin POS
GMT 1200
08 25.64N  102 03.19W
COG 320T
SOG 1.4-2 kts drifting in NW favorable current
NTN 84 nautical miles ( this is noon to noon but does not represent distance made good.)
DTG 3400 nautical miles Wind: none
Current NW 1.4-2kt favorable
Temp: 88.6f
Pressure: 29.55
Seas: 2-3 ft n swell

Sails: double reefed main an stays'l set in tight to heave/to position

We sailed all day yesterday and as the wind clocked to the NW we were able to head up to a westerly course by the end of the day.  The wind quit about dusk and we have been drifting NW throughout the night.  I need to charge the batteries for a couple of hours this morning so at that time I will motor north west for two hours.  It sure will be nice to get out of this area of calms, squalls and variable winds and start making real progress toward Hawaii.

Last night on my late watch the moon had not risen yet so it was pitch dark and I took my super bright dive light (which I bought from Blue Water Divers in St Thomas) and shined it into the water.  Nothing happened for about ten minutes and then slowly a HUGE shape swam up under the boat.  I couldn't tell what it was because all I could see was... Well... A mass.  It spooked me pretty good so I put my flashlight away.   I think it's a good idea to maintain, what we used to call in theater, "a willing suspension of disbelief" when it comes to the space around the boat.  It freaks me out if I begin to really process the creature that was near enough to see that light and come investigate or if I begin to try to fathom (no pun intended) the depth of the water below us (13,540 feet) or the vastness of the ocean we are sailing/floating on today. The boat is a little safety bubble.  It has been our home for years so everything is familiar and "safe" but really as we sit here floating in the current it is no more than a really posh life raft at the moment and we are floating through a hostile environment where humans are not supposed to live.

Yesterday we had blueberry pancakes for breakfast, roasted red pepper tomato soup with chicken and rice in it for lunch, and Dad's cheesy mozzarella and Parmesan goulash with a sweet garlic and onion marinara sauce and sweet Italian sausage for supper.
Aline:  thanks for the word riddles those are a fun change of pace.
Jim V.  Thanks again for occupying our thoughts with funny little jokes and riddles. We were SUPER jealous of you watching season 4 of WD, we are on the last four shows of season three. And for "what has one eye but cannot see?" Benny said a blind pirate. LOL!
Carl:  we enjoy your history lessons thanks.
Chuck and Gayle: thanks for reading and, We love you!
Jared: keep 'em comin!
Cave:  you'd have got a real kick out of Beck reading the news like a news anchor last night.
Herman:  I'm pretty sure I explained our frustration with this southerly course in the blog... Hmmm perhaps you skim?  Thanks for your messages and thoughts!
Mjlferando: thanks for reading and I'm SURE we'll need something from West Marine when we get to Hawaii... Actually I have a list already LOL.

Well time for me to fire up the engine and motor for a couple of hours.  It sure will be nice not to roll back and forth for a while.  The sound of the sails flogging is nerve wracking!

Have a Great Thursday,
Captain Tofer, Rebecca, EmilyAnne, Kanyon, Kaleb, and Ben

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