Tuesday, May 20, 2014

May 20 Position Report

5/20/14 Wandering Dolphin POS
GMT 1200
11 23.21N  110 05.97W
COG 226T
SOG 1.5 - 2 kts NTN 94 nautical miles
DTG 2924 nautical miles
Wind: none/ flat calm
Sky: overcast
Seas: Flat with 1-2 ft SE swell
Temp: 89.6f
Pressure: 29.6
Current favorable 1.5 - 2

Good Morning From Beck in the Pacific,
This mornings sunrise was a welcome sight indeed.  Yesterday I was in a funk and so frustrated with everything and everyone.  That mindset is no good when you are cooped up on a 41 ft boat with 5 others and 3000 miles in front of you.  I couldn't pin point my frustration all I could think of was its day 17 with only 1500 miles behind us and 3000 more to go.  Tofer and I have talked this through, I know that WHEN we get wind we will move faster.   I guess it's the WHEN that eats at me.  Out here you hear a lot WHEN the wind fills in we'll move, WHEN the squall passes there will be no more nasty wind, WHEN we hit this target waypoint there will be wind.  I know this is out of anyone's control but for my sake someone hit the wind button please.   I also know that WHEN the wind fills in I will more than likely complain that there is too much wind. Let's just say I need a happy pill and move forward.

So this morning I enjoyed the sunrise while everyone was still sleeping.   I have a Christian playlist playing right now to inspire in me a gentle heart & spirit today.  I have to realize that everyday out here is a character builder.   So today I will look for the positives in our ROLLY POLLY WAITING ON WIND day.  Today might be a great day for baking some goodies.  We will see how the day goes.  We finished the third season of Walking Dead now we will need to wait until the end of Aug to see what is going on.  Tonight we will continue on with the Game of Thrones.

Thanks again for everyone that messages us, it makes me feel like I am still linked to land a bit.  Feeling much better today now it's time for someone else to have the blue water blues.
Cheers, Becky

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