Tuesday, May 20, 2014

May 20 Afternoon Position Report

GMT 2330
11 13.67N. 110 23.47W

May 20 afternoon update by Beck:

Today has been full of this and that and waiting.  I did get a coffee cake baked this morning and that brought the morale up a bit.  For the most part everyone is in the groove of blue water sea life.  We each have a routine and then the day unfolds In front of us.

Captain Tofer works WD mostly with moments of reading and sleeping when he can.  EmilyAnne is Captain's right hand gal and they work well most of the time together.  She has been passing her time by reading, sleeping & watching shows.  Kanyon is so calm and doesn't complain about a thing.  I am having a hard time keeping him full.  He is our movie watching guy.  He and his brothers also play card games & Legos.  Kaleb has his moments of anger and complete frustration where he shakes and bites his lip.  Where in the world does he get that?  But most of the time he is reading, playing Gameboy or finding a way to torture his younger brother.  Benny has to much energy and he might just burst any day.  He does escape by reading & playing games.  Big Lion is still his best buddy.  My day includes normal mom duties but I get plenty of day time to read, write & nap.  So, life isn't too bad.  It just feels really slow right now.

Tofer and I had time today to play with some Dr. Seuss parodies, I hope you like them.
This one is for Kanyon who paces:

Here to There
There to Here
There to Here
Here to There
I'm not going anywhere

Forth and Back
Back and Forth
And Back and Forth
And Forth and Back
Now my track is just a Crack

Stern to Bow
Bow to Stern
And Bow to Stern
Stern to Bow

I think I'm there now

Today has been a blessing with all the kind words of encouragement.  Steve I hope 110 is the magic number.

A Friend, thank you for the kind words.

Carl I see more blue water sailing for us in the future.

And prayers are always welcome.

Lorrie what a blessing your message was & so true.

Zella SOON we hope.

Aline thanks for the news and keep us posted.

Chuck that is a great story.

Jim V you always keep us going with your notes.

All is well & it's time to take the tuna casserole out of the oven.  Watch out Hawaii we are sneaking up on you.


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  1. Love your blogs. Prayers for your journey. The Lord bless you all.