Monday, May 26, 2014

May 26 Position Report

5/26/14 Wandering Dolphin POS

GMT 1200
11 03.32N 121 13.87W
COG 270T
SOG 7kt
NTN 161 nautical miles
DTG 2261

Wind: N 15
Temp: 88.6f
Pressure: 29.5
Sky: partly cloudy
Seas: 4-6 ft N swells
Sails: all sails set

Yesterday we sailed all day.  We worked the boat and at one point had to drop the main for a little stop - gap repair to a seam.  Today we will pull it down to the deck to actually resew the seem by hand.  Fortunately it is one of the seams at the top of the sail so it shouldn't be too bad.

We are now on a nice beam reach since the wind moved to the North.  It should have gone all the way around to NE but not yet.  It's pretty comfortable sailing.  Even though the large swells from the hurricane roll the boat a bit they are far enough apart, and we are moving fast enough that the motion is very controlled.

There was enough charge from solar and wind that the boys were able to play X Box.  It's pretty fun to hear the laughter and goofing off.  I was thinking about what a strange foreign sound that is out here.

I noticed a strange smell yesterday when I went up on deck.  It is so hard to describe.  It was actually like a lack of scent.  My nose and brain were working to figure it out and I think that is what it was.

I have lost two lures and caught one more fish.  The fish was a little 2 ft bull Mahi and I let him go.  I laughed because back in Wyoming and Montana I would have held it up for pictures and eaten it for supper!  The kids were happy I let him go and Benny even prayed that he'd be ok when he prayed at supper time.  I'll try for a bigger one today.

Another strange thing happened on my night watch last night.  I heard some kids talking out in the water, just what sounded like a normal playground conversation, and I couldn't make out any words, and when I looked around there was nothing but a wave covered ocean.  I glanced below and everyone was sound asleep. Hmmmmm.

We have been looking at the charts of Hawaii and the closest first stop would be Hilo, on the big island.  We thought about stopping there, then going to Maui, and on to Oahu.  We know ourselves though... We're pretty sure if we stop we will just stay in that place until we leave for Alaska.  We need to do some shopping and fix a couple things on the boat so I think we will just tough it out to Oahu.

Yesterday we had oatmeal for breakfast, chicken noodle soup for lunch, and spaghetti with pink sauce for supper.  We also ate some granola bars and nuts for a snack.

It is so wonderful to see the "time to go" on the chart pushing out 12- 15 days instead of 34-46 LOL.

Katy, Benny was super happy to hear from you, thanks for the message.

Herman, your messages were the highlight of the day!  We laughed until we hurt trying to figure some of the VI gossip out!  Beck is beside herself now and needs to know MORE!

Steve:  Becky said, "More info please!"

Jim V.  Can you send us a recipe for tortillas?

Aline, thanks for the vital Hollywood news!  We laughed.

Cave, Moitessier Syndrome will NOT be a problem on WD!  Besides, we still have to sail for ALASKA!

Hope You All Have a Wonderful Day!  Captain Tofer and the Crew
PS Could someone eat a Big Mac for me and message me?  LoL

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  1. Stop in Hilo just long enough to take the kids to see the big volcano! It's AMAZING! And the Lava Tubes! You can't be in Hawaii without seeing those things! AMAZING!