Tuesday, May 27, 2014

May 27 Position Report

5/27/14 Wandering Dolphin POS

GMT 1200
11 42.37N 123 48.17W
COG 290T
SOG 5.5 kt
NTN 158 nautical miles
DTG 2102 nautical miles

Wind: NE 11-15
Temp: 88.2f
Pressure: 29.6
Sky: partly cloudy
Seas: 4-6ft NNE swells close interval
Sails: all sails set

Sailing has been great but by evening yesterday the swells started to come close together and the boat was so uncomfortable that we had to head up a bit to the north in order to take the waves at a better angle.  There are a few squalls around so I reefed about 0330 so I wouldn't have to stress about it anymore.  I will pull the sails out again in daylight.  I don't always run at night with reefed sails, never if there is a bright moon.  We are very quick and efficient at reefing under the gun so I will usually just reef when we need it but when it is this dark I am constantly watching for the next squall.  It is much easier to just reef and relax.  Even reefed we are still making 5 to 6 knots so I can live with that until morning.

From Beck:
Yesterday we filled the day with "normal" daily activities.  The days out here mimic the days before, sometimes we mix it up by where we each choose to sit.  My life right now seems to me like the movie "Ground Hound Day," not that it's bad, I just am longing for some variety.  Maybe today I will mix up the day and.... Darn can't think of anything to mix up.
Everything out here feels damp and sticky, I can't wait to wash everything and I mean everything!  Laundry is a hard task underway because fresh water is precious; you can wash in salt and rinse in fresh.  Even when washing like this, things to me still feel stiff and not clean.  So, on WD we are just collecting laundry and we will tackle it in Hawaii.  I see a margarita/laundry party in my future...heheh.  At this point I will make a party out of anything.

Repair update;
Our poor Mainsail needs to be sewn, she has sail tape on her now but today's task will be to drop her and hand sew the seam that is coming apart.  Thank goodness we caught it early.

Message corner:

Ms. Katie, thanks for the notes to the boys.  The only place we can answer you is on the blog or FaceBook.  And that is a long fish name for sure.
Jim V, thanks for the recipes & great ideas.  However, my baking soda got wet and I don't have any lard or shortening on the boat.  Need to add that to the list.
Aline, thanks for the daily encouragement and Hollywood news.  I love the fact Em doesn't know who most of the people are.
Carl, you are a foundation of knowledge.
Salt n Light, thanks for the riddles, we will see you all soon.
If I forgot anyone I am sorry I didn't take notes yesterday.  We appreciate you following our journey and hope you are planning your next adventure too.
Becca and the WD Crew

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