Thursday, June 5, 2014

June 5 Position Report

6/5/14 Wandering Dolphin POS

GMT 1600
17 55.26N 146 37.14W
COG 290T
SOG 6 kt
DMG 150 nautical miles
DTG 492 nautical miles

Wind: NE 14-18
Temp: 86 F
Pressure: 29.7
Sky: partly cloudy some squalls
Seas: 2-3 ft
Sails: double reefed main, full jib, stays'l set

Captain Ron said, "we are almost there.... because we are out of fuel!"

Good Morning, I know we are almost there because we our down to 20 gallons of fuel, out of butter, eggs & cheese, the laundry bag is overflowing & we are all saving one clean pair of shorts for landfall.  I am now strategizing the game plan for chores in Hilo.  Can you imagine not doing laundry for 40 days for 6 people as well as the laundry for your entire home.  I wonder if I will find a laundry Nazi there, haha!  Salt covers the decks and it is also everywhere inside, so we will need to do a full wipe down and air out of cushions.  Hey, it just came to me...we are going to Spring clean!  You get the picture, living out here isn't all sunny blue sky days.

However, today is one of those sunny blue sky days.  English breakfast tea in hand while we easily glide through the water as the sun starts to pump amps into the solar.  There are a few bundles of clouds in distance.  I hope that maybe we would get a good rain today to rinse off the deck, fill water tanks and it's a free shower.  Everyone aboard could use a rinse down too.

Thank you all from Kanyon for the Birthday wishes.  With your birthday wishes, coconut cinnamon rolls, homemade pizza and a James Bond movie night, he was grinning ear to ear.  Although he has to wait for his gift until our friends Richard & Cheona visit us in Hilo next week.  They are doing our mainland shopping for our electronic and movie needs.  Thanks guys for helping us.  By the way if anyone would like to loan us the Lonesome Dove mini series on DVD for our trip to Alaska you could mail it to us in Hilo and well get it back to you at the end of our trip.  If you're interested in helping with that send us a message to set it up.

This journey has not only taken us thousands of miles from our little Honeymoon Bay of warm water and sand beaches.  It will take us to glaciers, mountains, pine trees, rocky seaweed covered beaches, whales, Grizzly bears, and seals.  Our entire surroundings are about to change right along with the climate.  Tofer and I were talking about what everyone will need in order to be prepared.  We laughed remembering this story;  Three years ago the kids and I were stateside visiting when one of the boys came in saying, "Mom these socks don't work, my feet still get wet."  I looked down and said, "Where are your shoes?"  His reply was, "You wear shoes and socks together?"  He walked away grunting in irritation.

Another example;  Tofer and I went for months until we realized the boys were sharing one pair of crocs.  It wasn't until we took everyone to town and two boys were shoeless.  What a life we live, sharing one pair of shoes, not knowing socks go in shoes.  Let's not talk about tying shoes...let's just say one of our boys tied his shoes with a bowline knot...

We are all excited to see what this next fall brings us.  We look forward to the crisp cool air of fall, pumpkins, the first snowfall, maybe even a real Christmas tree.  Soon it will be time to introduce my guys to hats, mittens & long underwear and Wandering Dolphin to a wood burning stove...I can't wait to hear what they say.  I will have stories for sure.

Thanks again for following along on our adventure,
Bec, Tofer, Emily, Kanyon, Kaleb and Ben

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