Friday, June 6, 2014

June 6 Position Report

6/6/14 Wandering Dolphin POS
GMT 1600
18 39.42N 149 04.69W
COG 281T
SOG 6 kt
DMG 147 Nautical miles
DTG 345 Nautical miles

Wind: NE 12-15
Temp: 84.4 F
Pressure: 29.75
Sky: mostly cloudy, squalls
Seas: 3-4ft
Sails: all sails set

I finally caught another Mahi yesterday.  My last lure had been taken a few days back so I got out my stuff and made a little lure with some pieces of other fishing stuff, some feathers, and a couple of pull ties.  It was smaller and it worked.  I caught a nice 3 ft Mahi Bull.  It was nice to eat fresh meat again.  I'll make some fish sticks later today.

It was sunny and beautiful all day yesterday but the weather went to stink again last night and is still dreary this morning.  The kids did school and then we all just lounged around.  The propane solenoid was giving me fits so we couldn't make a hot supper.  The water had put the flame out and that set it off, I'm not sure if it also spilled water down into the sensor or not.  We will know this morning if it still won't work.  That is one spare I actually have though so it's not a big deal if I have to replace the sensor.

It looks like we will be slowing down on purpose to arrive on Monday morning... I will decide today if I think I can keep the speed high enough to get in early enough on Sunday.  I prefer an early morning landfall if I can make it work.  The person on board who sights land first gets a Snickers Bar.  Those are like gold out here and we only have two left.

Galia:  Thanks for the message and NO we are not going to spend the winter in Alaska!  Brrrrrrr!  But we are going there from Hawaii and we will spend the rest of the summer there then make our way down to Bellingham, Washington where we have family.  We will need to work for a while to get some money back in the bag for our next trip to... Who knows where...

Jim V:  awesome on the Lonesome Dove loan!  We will get you an address in Hilo once we get there!  Thanks.  Also, the water line probably changed a little with the provisions for this voyage, all of the storage areas were full to the top with food.  Our storage areas are low and in the center of the boat though so they don't negatively affect the sailing of the vessel.  One side of the boat has more storage than the other though and we do notice a difference in the windward ability on the opposite tack.  When you sail a boat this much you can actually feel those little nuances.

Aline: Thanks for the D-Day reminder.  My Dad was one of the boys who at 18 went in on Omaha Beach.  He never talked about it and when I saw the opening scene in "Saving Private Ryan" I had to walk out in shock.  I called him from the lobby and just said, "Thanks..."

Hope Everyone Has A GREAT Day!
Captain Tofer, Becky, Emily, Kanyon, Kaleb, and Benny

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