Saturday, June 7, 2014

June 7 Position Report

6/7/14 Wandering Dolphin POS
GMT 1600
19 15.55N 151 41.67W
COG 281T
SOG 6 kt
DMG 154 nautical miles
DTG 191 nautical miles

Wind: ENE 12-15
Temp: 89 F
Pressure: 29.75
Sky: partly cloudy, squalls all around
Seas: 3-4 ft
Sails: double reefed main, full jib

Good morning,

Yesterday began with us removing our stove from its spot to replace the propane sensor.  Because it's in on a gimbal, Tofer had to lift one side at a time while I unlocked it.  Once it was off the gimbals Tofer set it down in its spot while disconnecting the propane line.  I prepared a spot on the floor with a blanket and a towel to set it down while he worked on the sensor itself.  Once on the floor I got busy on cleaning the stove and Tofer replaced the sensor.  We checked the sensor before replacing the stove, we have learned to do this from the events in the past.  It was in working order again so back the stove went.  It was now 9 a.m. and the crew was hungry for breakfast.  I fired up the stove top and damn if the alarm didn't sound again.  Tofer came back down, I turned it off and on again and this time it was working.  There for a moment we thought we were going to be eating cold beans out of the can.  Proud to say Tofer got it working, it was a challenge for sure, just think of working on your stove while your floor rocks from side to side.

We don't think of the motion much anymore, it's just living.  If I think about it I notice that I am almost always wedged in somewhere.  There are bits and pieces of each of us that are sore from use over this passage.  Working and living on a WD for the last month has used muscles that we normally don't use this hard.  Tofer's elbow aches always from the strain of line handling and winching.  Emily has a bruise on the top of her head from hitting it over and over again.  I have escaped muscle pains but replaced that with a few burns and cuts from the galley.

One day left until we stop in Hilo.  We will be anchoring out tomorrow so we can scope out the area and find the best place to settle in for a week or so.  I am sure there will be new faces to fill us in on the lay of the land.  I will be sure to take notes and pictures of the adventure tomorrow.

Highlights of the trip,

Tofer's night sighting of the whales
Tofer's sea monster sighting
Bec's pod of dolphins the day Grams passed.  We haven't seen dolphins since that day.
Em's night sighting of dolphins, their splash made the water twinkle like stars.
Em & Bec's whale spouting at stern of the boat in the dark

Benny wants to win the Snickers bar for spotting Hawaii first.  He has been for our voyages of the passed the boy that yells, "Land Ho."  Let's see who get to yell today.

Breakfast rice with milk and sugar
Lunch Johnny cakes with apple and lemon topping
Dinner pasta with pesto sauce and Mahi fish sticks

Almost there!  I finally can say 1 more day... 150 miles...

Thanks for Sailing With Us!
Becky, Captain, Em, Kanyon, Kaleb, and Ben

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