Sunday, June 8, 2014

June 8 Position Report

6/8/14 Wandering Dolphin POS
GMT 1600
19 28.91N 153 48.23W
COG 281T
SOG 6.5 kt
DMG 125 nautical miles
DTG 76 nautical miles

Wind: ENE 10-12
Temp:89 F
Pressure: 29.75
Sky: mostly cloudy, lots of squalls
Seas: 3-4 ft swells
Sails: double reefed main, stays'l, full jib

Landfall is probably the most difficult thing about an offshore passage.  Working out the set and drift of the current, wind angle and speed so you can make landfall during the day can be a challenge.  The wind was pretty weird yesterday, big squalls would pass and the wind would die.  A current had pushed us too far north to make landfall without a gybe, so we gybed for a few hours and now we find ourselves with only 76 miles to go, not a lot of wind.  We are still going to try to make it before dark.  Our other option is to slow down to 3 knots for the next 24 hours which I'm not opposed to doing I'm just pretty sure we couldn't actually do that with the wind and current we have here.  I guess you will all know what we decide because either way we will update Facebook.  Right now I'm leaning toward another gybe today, dropping the jib and slowing down so we get in first thing in the morning.  What is one more night after 37 days at sea?

It's pretty cool to be listening to Coast Guard reports from Hawaii!  The last ones we heard were from San Juan, Puerto Rico when we were on our way from St. Thomas to Panama.  You might think it strange that such a little thing hold such significance to us but think of it like this; there is nothing out here to really use as proof that you are where you think you are.  It looks the same now as it did when we left St. Thomas... Blue, blue, blue.  All we have for proof is marks on a chart and an icon on a chartplotter and although I know those are correct, the actual first physical proof we've had are the radio reports from Honolulu, Hawaii Coast Guard Station.

We are out of water in the tanks now so we use the watermaker to make drinking water for the day.  No one has sighted the island yet so there will be a lot of eager faces looking at the horizon this morning!


Denny, Thanks for the contact information, we will call them for sure.  It is always nice to have local knowledge.

Cave, Entering Hilo Harbor hopefully at  ETA 1600 GMT Monday morning.  I hope you will be able to see us on the webcam.

No land sighting yet, but that Snickers bar is mine! Bec

The last 1,000 miles was a piece of cake.  It seems the last 100 miles is being a bit tricky.  What's one more day of beautiful sailing after 37 days?

Jim V,
Good luck with the hair dye, it can be tricky at best and super messy.  And what is the video for?

We have the champagne in the refrigerator chilling for landfall.  72 miles & 24 hours to go.
Tofer, Becky, Emily, Kanyon, Kaleb and Benny.  

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