Friday, July 18, 2014

July 18 Position Report

7/18/14 Wandering Dolphin POS

0600 Hawaiian Standard Time / 1600 GMT
N 24 50.61    W 159 50.39
COG 345T
SOG 6.5 kt
DMG 144 nautical miles
DTG 2798 nautical miles (depending on when we can make our turn to the east)

Wind: NE 20-25
Pressure: 29.8
Temp: 86.8F
Sky: partly cloudy
Seas: 7-10 feet
Sails: double reefed main and reefed jib.
        (We could let more sail out and increase speed but it makes it too uncomfortable below.)

Good Morning,
Yesterday was pretty typical for a second day offshore on a passage, if not just a little bit more challenging.  It's always nice to start a passage with nice weather and light winds and small seas because you can ease your body into the motion of the boat and when the rough stuff hits you have your sea legs (which is a REAL thing I assure you!). This time we left a calm marina and started bouncing and crashing to windward right out of the gate and everyone, including myself and Kanyon who is known for his iron constitution, has been feeling under the weather.  The Sturgeron Forte meds have helped but, for the first time, they have not really completely cured the Mal de Mer.  Today is day three and traditionally sea sickness takes care of itself in about three days...

So yesterday we all kinda found a spot and stayed there doing whatever our bed ridden entertainment of choice is.  Kaleb and Benny have traded in their Game Boys and iPads for reading.  Kaleb is reading the "Warriors" books.  That should keep him busy until he's about 18, even reading them one a day.  There are about a thousand of them.  Benny is still reading Brandon Mull books.  Emily is also glued to her Kindle, I'm not sure what she's reading but, being a teenage girl, it's a GREAT book if it makes you ball your eyes out.  Kanyon has been playing on his iPad and watching some movies.  Rebecca has been playing games on her iPad, Civilization and Tribez.  She likes any of those games where she gets to be god and make all of her little minions do what she tells them to.  I have been reading the newest book in the Outlander series and one of Emily's books, "The Fault in Our Stars."  I'm sure I'll be crying big ol' alligator tears by the end of the day and then she'll realize how sweet and sensitive her old Dad is after all.

The boat has been doing great.  We had water in the bilge yesterday but quickly discovered that it is coming in through the chain locker. The bow has been slamming pretty hard and that forces water past my little foam covers on a couple of the vents and down the chain too.  We heaved to and I blocked it off as best I could with it being all wet up there.  I can stop it up once we have a sunny calm day.  The sails seem to be holding together now.  My stitching jobs might not look pretty but they do the trick I guess.  The waves are coming at us from an angle where an occasional wave (one every hour) crashes over the cockpit side.  It's a good thing we have these splash guards around the cockpit or we would be drenched.  As it is we still have a lot of salt water wet towels up here now from sopping up the mess the waves leave behind.

We only ate easy stuff yesterday, instant oatmeal for breakfast, PBJ (peanut butter and jelly for you non Americans) wraps and "Cheese Its" with apples for lunch, and cold, canned chili with cheese over tortilla chips for supper.

None of us have felt good enough to start our evening supper and a show tradition yet but maybe we will tonight.  We will be watching the Lonesome Dove mini series to start off with.  Thanks Jim Vines for loaning them to us for this passage!

Your messages remain our favorite entertainment.  *Caveman, thanks for the news and weather.  (Am I gonna miss the High?)
*Steve: the kids are bummed that they are not with Katie, Nicole, and Amanda at Disney.
*Jim V. Riddle answers!  *Brent-Gilroy thanks for the kind words.  *Jared R. The kids are betting on the most dangerous animal... Ben thinks it's a dragon...Kaleb scoffs and says a Centaur could kick a dragons ass...( thanks Brandon Mull)... Kanyon thinks dogs should be on there with all the pit bull stories in the news, Emily is pretty sure the Fur de Lance snake is it, Rebecca thinks it's a spider and I personally am pretty sure the number one killer of humans is the primate Homo sapiens erectus.  *Welcome to Heike from Hamburg, Germany! Thanks for the note and please tell us what it's like where you live... The kids can call it school haha.
*Aline.  Welcome back!  How goes the boat shopping?  Tell Jake that math is even more exciting offshore!

Well I sure hope you all have a wonderful day where you live.  The sun is out and it looks like it might be a very pretty day... Sure is a lot of BLUE out here!

Captain Tofer

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