Sunday, July 20, 2014

July 20 Position Report

7/20/14 Wandering Dolphin POS

0600 Hawaiian Standard Time / 1600 GMT
N 29 23.73  W 160 58.31
COG 350T
SOG 5.5-6 kt
DMG. 138 nautical miles
DTG 2564 nautical miles to Port Angeles, WA, first stop for fuel.

Wind: NE 15-18
Pressure:29.90 rising
Temp: 86.5F
Sky: partly cloudy
Seas: 5-6ft east swells with 2 ft wind chop
Sails: all sails set, double reefed main, reefed jib, stays'l

We are all used to being at sea again.  Everyone is pretty excited about getting to Washington and family.  It's pretty cool that the summer family visit will include both Wandering Dolphin and Kristofer this year.  We spent a lot of time yesterday talking about family and remembering times back on the farm.  It was pretty cool.  All of us were out in the cockpit laughing and joking around.  We sure miss our oldest son Jimmy though.  If he only knew the tales the kids tell about him he would want to be here to defend himself.

I did my boat walk around and checked all of the standing rigging and running rigging looking for possible failure points and chafe.  We also have a clog in the galley sink drain which is a pain because to fix it you have to remove plumbing below the water line so we would have to close the through hull, fix it then reinstall it all and open it.  I am not really keen on messing with plumbing below the water line this far out to sea so I have decided that dishes will be done in a bucket and the drain water tossed over... It didn't make me the most popular person on board.

We had some rain yesterday and the decks were rinsed but they are all salty again.  Today looks like a nice sunny day. We are still moving along nicely toward our northern waypoint where we hope to find the west wind that will take us east to Washington.  I know that one of these days soon, maybe today, the wind will die and we will be forced to motor for a few days to get across the North Pacific High.  Maybe we will luck out and it will reform to the SE of us and we will get good wind with no motoring... One can dream.

Yesterday we had egg, bean, salsa, wraps for lunch, and spaghetti with pink sauce and burger for supper.  We watched Lonesome Dove and then a fantastic star shine show and moonrise.  We have not seen a lot of wildlife yet or trash from Japan like we expected.  We did see a very large, yellow, mooring type, buoy yesterday.  I couldn't tell if it was a weather one or just floating trash.  We have seen two ships on AIS since we left Hawaii.  The closest just passed us at 10 miles away.

Kaleb read two books yesterday.  His recreational reading speed astounds me.  Especially when compared to his academic reading skill.  He complains about his school reading of course.  Benny is on the last of the Fablehaven books and EmilyAnne is reading three books at once right now.  I am about to start on a new science fiction series called "The Kestrel Saga" I bought on Kindle, on a whim, before we left Hawaii.

We didn't get very many messages yesterday.
Thanks to Cave and Steve for weather.
Jim V. Thanks for the riddles and the food thoughts.
Jared R.  Quite a lot of discussion on the boat about this whole dangerous animal thing, great idea!

I just looked at my chart plotter and ran a line from Hawaii to Japan and with this big dog leg to the north that we have to do we could have gone to Japan!  So I immediately started thinking about sailing from Washington to Hawaii to Japan.... Gotta love this whole boat thing, the world is one big WD oyster!.... Oh wow! See there goes my mind again... Those Oyster boats are soooo nice!

Time for breakfast!  Have a Great Day on your spot on the globe!
Captain Tofer

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