Monday, July 21, 2014

July 21 Position Report

7/21/14 Wandering Dolphin POS

N 31 21.49  W 161 01.79
COG 000T
SOG 5.5kt
DMG 118 nautical miles
DTG 2599 nautical miles

Wind: ENE 18 gusting to 30 in squalls
Pressure: 29.90
Temp: 85.4F
Seas: 6ft
Sky: overcast squalls all around
Sails: double reefed main and full stay s'l. Jib is rolled all the way in, I was getting sore from reefing it every 20 minutes.

Good Morning,

The sky out here looks like winter.  The thermometer still reads in the 80s but with that cold wind I can sure tell we are going north.  I am still wearing nothing but shorts all day and night but at night I pull a polar fleece blanket around me.  The moment that I have to put away my standard tropical uniform and pull on long sleeves and long legs will be a momentous occasion and it is my intention to put it off as long as possible.

Last night the wind and squalls hit us right after supper and so we left the jib rolled in all night so we lost about 25 miles to our daily run.  I am ok with that.  It sure made the night less stressful to know she's all reefed in for squalls.  Between squalls we would slow down to 4 knots but we probably averaged 5 throughout the night.

We had a lot of fun yesterday when we all had supper in the cockpit again.  This time we were talking about all the crazy jokes you guys send us and we developed a new game.  The way the game works is one person tells a joke that they are making up with no punchlines and then everyone else has to try to think of a funny punchline.  For example I say to you, " A Nun, a hooker and a carpenter are stuck in a life raft..." Now you finish it!   Lol we laughed at our own stupidity until some of us (Rebecca) had tears running down our faces.

We had cold cereal, tuna wraps, and Ramen Noodles with spam and corn for our meals yesterday.  I am about to fry up some potatoes, corned beef, and scrambled eggs with mustard for breakfast.

Oh! And last night about midnight a ship came by within half a mile and altered course to pass us astern.  Man I love our AIS transponder! Don't leave home without one!  Our course is for The North Pole right now so he was probably thinking were are crazy people.  On that note, it is pretty cool to actually use the North Star for navigation purposes right now!

Here comes the rain... Another squall.. I'll get this sent off.

Ridin' The Storm Out, (one of my favorite REO Speedwagon songs by the way)
Captain Tofer and the whole Fam.

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